Prospect of settling abroad in your hands

Mount of Moon in PalmistryIt is an inherent desire of most people to travel to foreign countries. Many of them go to spend their vacations, and some of them go and get settled there for a better lifestyle.

While approaching an astrologer, lot of people have this doubt in their minds whether they will travel abroad and if they travel abroad will they be able to settle down for good.

The answer is right in your hands. You can ascertain this by reading your own palm. For questions related to foreign trips, one must concentrate on the Mount of Moon (the bigger portion below the small finger, that is under the heart line), which has the most important contribution in this regard.

The Mount of moon also reflects our imaginative powers, and mental state. And if this Mount is well developed with clearly marked lines on it, then according to mythology, all the wishes of the person will be fulfilled.

Also if a line or branch from the lifeline goes towards the Mount of Moon, the person is likely to settle abroad. Similarly, small vertical lines on the Mount of Moon indicate frequent abroad visits.

The line from Mount of Moon reaching the Mount of Jupiter (portion just below the index finger) reveals fortunate and fruitful journey. People with such an indication on their palm earn great name and fame in other country.
A well-developed Mount of Moon with well-defined Mercury indicates successful overseas trade. Clear, straight, deep, and well-defined lines are considered lucky where as broken lines reveals trouble and obstacles.

However, while predicting many other features of the hand are also considered, and no single sign or line can determine or reveal the final prediction.

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