Palmistry, A Science – an Introduction

Palmistry ScienceEvery human is in one or the other way associated with a divine science. Few believe in total surrender to the God, few believe in prayers, few believe in one supreme power, and few others believe in astrology.

Suppose, a person is to say that HE himself is solely responsible to perform or to stop an event, then why is there a need to BELIEVE in any of the above-mentioned aspects? The reason is simple; deep inside everyone feels that there is something else that governs life, which is beyond human mind & understanding.
Few have a misconception that knowing the future is to go against the existentialism or going against the God. It isn?t true. In fact all astrological sciences finally lead to God. And astrological guidance helps in performing the Karma in the right way & to transcend the cycle of life to become one with the supreme consciousness.

Palmistry is one such science that guides an individual towards the RIGHT. This particular science has undoubtedly survived the passage of time, and still remains one of the most used systems of prediction across the globe. The reason for its unhindered survival can be attributed to the fact that – Truth Always Prevail!

Lines of our hand represent the waves of our brain, and the shape & the mounts of the hand signify the basic instincts of a person. The lines on the palm indicate the ups and downs in a person?s life thus giving an idea about his past & the future.
Our hands act as a mirror of our personality. Its length, width, firmness, hardness, and flexibility reveal a person?s temperament and basic nature.


Long Palm – Indicate planning

People with long palm are basically thinkers. They analyse things and formulate plans. People with short palm do not think twice. They do not go deep into the subject; they rather take decisions on impulse, and complete jobs quickly.

Palm with flexible skin indicate flexibility in ideas. Such people accept new ideas and have good intellect. People with firm palm are firm in their ideas, and do change their perspective soon. Hard and rough skin people do not waste time in thinking; they believe in ACTION.


Mounts of the hands are important to consider while predicting future. The raised portions of flesh on the palm are called Mounts. Mounts reveal mental and physical peculiarities of an individual.

Mount of Jupiter is at the base of Index Finger, and it signifies the ego, ambition and the leadership qualities of a person.

Mount of Saturn is situated below the Middle Finger. Individuals with a well-developed mount of Saturn are sober and remain an introvert.

Mount of Sun is at the base of Ring Finger. Individuals with a well-developed Mount of Sun are extroverts & live a pomp and showy life.

Mount of Mercury is below the Little finger. It reveals the degree of eloquence. People with developed Mount of Mercury are sharp, clever and have exemplary business acumen. They are also too good at communication.

Mount of Venus is at the base of Thumb. It signifies the degree of an individual?s sexuality, generosity and physical vitality.

People with well-developed Mount of Moon are imaginative and intuitive.

Mount of Defensive Mars is situated below the Mount of Mercury and tells about a person?s patience and endurance level.

Mount of Aggressive Mars is below the Mount of Jupiter. And persons with a well-developed Aggressive Mars are short tempered and dominating in nature.


The three primary lines that run over the palm are Life Line, Heart Line and Head Line. These lines are found in 99 per cent of the hands. Secondary lines like Line of Saturn, Line of Sun and Line of Mercury are not found in many hands but play a very important role in predicting ones? future.

The Life Line reveals a person?s physical vitality, health and life energy. A short Life Line does not necessarily mean an early death.

Head Line is the most important line among main lines. It indicates person?s mental strength & ability.

Heart Line deals about the emotional side of a person. It also indicates the level of intimacy, his attitude towards sympathy, affection and level of sentimentality.

In palmistry, the personal information like date of birth, place of birth & time of birth are not needed. Its accuracy level is 99 per cent.

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