Significance of HEAD-LINE in Palmistry

In Hindu palmistry the head line is called dhan rekha and matri rekha. From this line we can make out the mentality, the power of mental concentration and the ability to exert self-control, possessed by the subject
It should be obvious that the mind plays a very vital role in shaping of our destiny howsoever good the human machinery may be, it cannot function properly unless there is a proper mental attitude. Mind is the force that enables the subject to alter his life. The kind of mind possessed by the subject indicates the future course of life. Further, from the study of the head line it is possible to determine the quality and quantity of brain power.

The construction of the head line mirrors the working of the brain. There are numerous types of head line, with varying effects. The variations are the size of the line, the course of line follows, the placement and the position of the line on the palm, and so on. The variations are so many that the subject requires intensive study.

There is no difference of opinion with regard to the starting point and the ending point of the head line. The line is found under the line of heart, more or less parallel to it. The head line starts about midway between the Jupiter finger and the thumb. Any abnormality in the position of the head line indicates an abnormal tendency. Normally, the head line begins under the Jupiter finger, either joined to the life line or a little apart from it. It can, however, start from a place inside the life line. The three different positions for the start of the head line are: Rising inside the life line on the lower mount of Mars

· Line of head and line of life are closely joined together.

· Line of head starts away from the line of life

Persons whose head line rises inside the life line on the lower mount of Mars have qualities designated by the planet Mars. They would have a tendency for argumentative fighting, and generally are of a quarrelsome disposition. These qualities will be intensified if the head line goes straight to the upper mount of Mars on the percussion under the mount of Mercury. If the head line, towards the end, takes an upward turn towards the line of heart, the person concerned will have a quarrelsome and irritable nature, generating murderous instincts. If the head line slopes in the end, downwards towards the mount of Moon, the quarrelsome disposition will get reduced or softened due to introspection.

In such a hand, the heart line of the subject is short and not the same length as the head line, he will be heartless and only be concerned about his own affairs, demanding his pound of flesh. While straight head line shows the dominance of the practical faculty, the downwards deflection of the head line reflects a departure from practicality and an entry into the sphere of imagination.

The line of head, when it stoops towards the mount of moon, gives to the subject power of imagination, by virtue of which he can earn name and fame. The course of the head line is also of significance. If the head line goes straight for some distance, deflects down and rises to assume a straight course, it indicates that at the earlier stage, when the line was straight the person was practical in his ideas. When the line stopped down, he indulged in imaginative flights, and when the line came back to the straight course, he returned to practical thinking.

The character of the head line is also to be taken into account. A deep and well-cut line is considered good. If the line is so for some distance, thin for some length, and then becomes chained, it indicates that the mind was vigorous to begin with. It became less vigorous when the line became thin, and impaired during the span covered by the chained portion. The change in the character of the line is variegated. For instance, the line is thin at the start, chained for some distance, and then ends in star, such a line would indicate that a subject has a weak mind which gets impaired during the chained portion, with the star intimating insanity, or causing the subject’s death. In the normal course, the head line goes straight across the palm or slopes slightly downwards. If it goes upward towards the heart line it is not considered good. The bad effects get aggravated if the head line goes towards the mount of Saturn. It causes sudden death. If there is a cross, dot, or star at the end of such head line, on the mount of Saturn, sudden end of life is certain. This however, be confirmed by other indications on the palm.

A tassel at the end of the head line on the mount of Saturn causes paralysis. When the head line rises upwards and gets merged with the heart line it indicates that the subject allows his feelings to overcome his better judgment. In other words the subject loses self-control and is over come by emotions and passions. If a person with this type of head line has hands of a brutal nature, his mount of Venus (governing sex and passions) is large and red, mount of Mars is also plump and red, he will go to the extent of committing a crime for satisfying his lust.

While the straight head line confers practical ideas on the subject, the sloping head line gives the power of imagination. The latter is a boon, but if in excess, it may generate unfavorable results. Writers, speakers and poets generally have a sloping line of head which enable them to write fiction and drama, owing to their fertile imagination. The drooping head line that goes to the mount of Moon and is afflicted by other unfavorable sign, such as the start, cross, island or dot bring bad results. These are as follows:

* A line at the end of the head line drooping to the mount of moon-insanity.
* A chained line at the end results in impairment of mental faculties.
* A cross at the end of the head line indicates a check to the mental power.
* An island or a dot at the end of the head line indicates mental disturbances. The severity of the affliction will depend upon the size of the island or dot. The bigger the island or dot the more serious the affliction. img src=’’ align=’right’>The head line with a slight bend ending in a fork is a favorable sign. This gives a blend of practical and imaginative ideas. Persons of this type are versatile and have the advantage of practicality and imaginative powers and so are successful in their career.

The forked head line has disadvantage in a bad hand. Such persons have a dual view point which leads them to the habit of falsifying. Sometimes the lie is not told by them intentionally but as a result of their vivid imagination they think that they are telling the truth.

The lie may be told through pride or vanity. In the case of habitual liars, the forked head line is normally found in the palm. Persons, who exaggerate matters, resulting in distortion of facts, generally have a forked head line, one going to the mount of upper Mars and the other going to the mount of Moon. The latter again has a fork. In certain palms the head line is divided into three well-cut forks at the end, with one line heading towards the mount of Mercury, the middle one going to the mount of upper Mars, and the third drooping towards the mount of Moon. This type of head line is very beneficial as it confers intellect, adaptability and versatility, which would bring success to the subject in his ventures and career. In rare cases, the head line curves and ends on the mount of Venus. Such persons are possessed of venusian power. The size of the head line in proportion to other lines on the palm and the size of the hand is also of significance. If the head line is long, deep and well cut, and the hand and other lines on the palm are small, the subject has more mental power than physical strength. This type of head line can result in incurable insanity.

The strong head line indicates the capacity of the brain to think and act. Such a line confers on the subject a brain which can withstand exertion. Persons with a strong head line are reliable and do not get swayed by others as they use their own intelligence. Subjects who have a thin head line are mentally delicate and cannot put their brain to use for any length of time as it gets tired. If the hand of person is large and the other lines in the palm are large, while the head line is thin/short, the subject has to avoid mental excitement as too much pressure on the brain can lead to a breakdown, resulting in paralysis. Lines on both palms are to be studied before arriving at a conclusion. If the head line is weak on the left palm and deep on the right palm, it indicates that the strength of the brain has increased and the person will be able to exert his brain more.

If the head line is frequently cut by small lines, it indicates that the subject will have headaches. If the line is thin and the cutting lines are deep, the subject may have brain fever. Lines on both palm are to be studied before arriving at any conclusion. Thus, if the head line is strong in the left palm but weak in the right palm, it indicates that the subject’s brain has been weakened, and as such, great mental exertion by him will result in set-back. The shallow and broad head line indicates a lack of force, and the subject is not assertive. The subject succumbs to temptations and is easily influenced.

If the head line is chained throughout, it is a bad indication. Such persons are mentally weak, timid, sensitive, and lack power of concentration. They cannot be depended upon although they may promise to keep their word. They break their promises as they are of a vacillating nature. Their memory is poor and they frequently suffer from headaches and mental diseases. Shocks to such persons can prove very dangerous. Cerebral vocations such as literary or scientific pursuits are not suited to them. Vocations requiring physical exertion are best suited to them.

Evenness of the head line is desirable so that there is constancy. If the head line is thin for some distance and thick thereafter, and again then, it shows that the mind of the subject under goes changes. During the period when the line is deep, the subject is full of enthusiasm, while during the period when the line is thin, he will be in despair. The small lines rising upwards from the head line are good indications while the lines falling downwards are not considered good. The former indicate that the subject is doing his best to come up in life. The descending lines indicate that the subject gets easily discouraged from fighting the odds of life and feels that he is not lucky enough to achieve his aim. If the ascending lines are large, they signify that the mind is influenced by too many factors, making the subject unable to concentrate. His thoughts wander here and there. In such a situation, if the head line stoops down to the mount of Moon, the subject is a day-dreamer. A line rising from the head line, under the mount of Jupiter, indicates that the subject has ambitions of rising in life and becoming famous. Split line rising from the head line under the mount of Saturn; indicate that the subject has wisdom, sobriety and studiousness. Split lines rising under the mount of the Sun show love of display, art, desire for fame. The line rising under the mount of Mercury indicates love of scientific pursuits. Split lines rising from the head line and touching the heart line show that the subject has favorable thoughts of love and affection. He will be more sympathetic and humane.

On certain head lines there may be cross bars. Cross bars cause headaches and brain fever. The severity of these maladies depends upon the depth of the cross bars and their complexion. If the cross bars are deep and rd, the more severe are the attacks. The more the number of cross bars, the longer the period of severe headaches and brain fever is. If the cross bars are small, the malady will be restricted to mental worry and headaches. Islands on the headline are another bad indication. During the period covered by the islands, there will be diminished mental strength in the subject and he will be mentally disturbed. Here again the severity of the malady will depend upon the depth, redness and size of the island. The deeper and bigger the island, the greater the severity of the mental discomfort is resulting in loss of equilibrium. Breaks in the head line indicate interruption of the current passing through it, affecting the concentration of the mind and self-control. These breaks results in mental illness and head injury, or if the breaks are like a ladder, the subject will suffer from continuously headaches and poor health.

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