I want to marry and lead a normal life but what interferes ?

The Lord never interferes in any one’s wish.
marriage interference karmaEven to His devotee He says, “If you are hungry, eat the food and think about Me“.
He never forces anything on any body. The detachment should be spontaneous. He wants natural love from you and not the forced attachment. Your love to him should naturally detach you from all these worldly bonds and for such detachment you should not use any force. He also will not use any force.

If your trials to marry are failing, the reason must be the results of your own past deeds, which should not be attributed to the Lord as said in Gita (“Nadatte Kasyachit Paapam“).
He will not help any one by disturbing His own administration, in which, judicial system is a part. He can relieve you from your sins if you are a devotee of highest order. Even there, He suffers for your sake and thus protects the dignity of His own Law.

Rama and Krishna were the human incarnations of Lord and they need not worship the Lord. The case of other human beings is different since they have to worship the Lord for achieving His grace. Worship means recognition of the Lord in human form at present and practically participating in His mission without aspiring any fruit in return for such participation.

Such practical sacrifice only can be the proof of real love. This is Yoga. Yoga means to join the Lord to serve Him in His mission. The Lord comes down in the human form in every generation so that He is not partial to a particular generation only.

The Yoga you practice is only an exercise of body and mind to achieve good health, which is done even by an athiest. Such Yoga has nothing to do with the spiritual path, though it is a pre-requisite.