Vaastu Shastra and your horoscope

Vaastu shastra for horoscopeIf you think that just by aligning your house according to the rules of Vaastu Shastra can clear off all your problems then the answer is NO. Just reading a book on Vaastu, and making the necessary changes on the home front can never bring the desired changes, and sometimes can lead to major disappointments and mammoth expenditure. The best example to explain this is to, either fitting yourself in a ready-to-wear dress material, or getting your dress stitched according to your needs. The personal choices may differ, but it is always true that the stitched material will FIT better than the ready-to-wear dress. This explains that even Vaastu reading has to be customized according to the person?s charts, as the reading vary from person-to-person.

Vaastu and astrology (horoscope) is closely interrelated. And most of the sacred sciences of India are interconnected in one of the other way, directly or indirectly.

The directions are linked to the planets, and they are invariably linked to different events of individual?s life. For example the planet Saturn signifies the West, and also addresses issue like old age.

The 4th house in an individual?s chart signifies the living place of the native. And the matters related to house are indicated by the planets in the 4th house and also the position of the 4th lord in a chart. Planets play a crucial role in understanding the nature of the directions.

Here are few notes on the individual lagna (ascendant) and the main directions associated with that particular lagna..

*For Mesha (Aries) lagna moon is the 4th lord, and northwest is the main direction.
*For Rishabha (Taurus) lagna East is the main direction.
*For Mithuna (Gemini)North is the main direction.
*For Kataka (Cancer) lagna the southeast is main direction.
*For Simha (Leo) lagna the south is main direction.
*For Thula (Libra) and Vrichika (Scorpio) lagna the west is the main direction.
*For Dhanus (Sagittarius) lagna the northeast is the main direction.
*For Makara (Capricorn) lagna the south is the main direction.
*For Kumbha (Aquarius) southeast is the main direction.
*For Meena (Pisces) lagna north is the main direction.

In case if the 4th house is afflicted or has problems, then the strongest planet is taken into consideration for the reading.

People often ask whether a Vaastu perfect house be built?

The answer is simple..

If the 4th house is afflicted and if the same affliction is seen in the Chaturamsa, the person cannot build a Vaastu perfect house.

Another frequently asked question is, will rectification of the house bring in prosperity?

It all depends upon the time of the native. If a good dasha and good bhukti is running along with a Raja Yoga in the offing, Vaastu rectification will bring in lot of success. If there is no Raja Yoga, there will be difficulties.

Some people believe that they will become rich and successful if they align their house according to Vaastu rules, this is just a sign of greediness and nothing works out that way. No major textbooks of Vaastu have promised that. It is just false claims, foul marketing and exaggeration that disappoint many people in the process.