Most secret and exciting information about the Life Cycle of Soul

Life Cycle of SoulThe life cycle of soul is interesting.
Although soul is not attached with any karma, it carries the mind along with karma through multiple lives.
The human being is entangled in the cycle of deeds called karma charka. The thought in the mind is the seed which when grows generates action.
The action certainly gives its result. Even if you escape the result of your action in this world you cannot escape from it in the upper world.
In fact the result in the upper world is very severe due to the compounded interest. Therefore blessed are those who are punished in this world itself.

Jesus says ‘ It is better to punish your self for your sin in this world itself than to fall in the eternal hell‘.
The punishment reduces the thought to tiny state of seedling.
The punishment cannot destroy the thought completely. The thought exists in a very microstate called ‘the state of subconsciousness‘.
Even you are not aware of your subconscious thought. When the soul comes down from hell to the earth and enters the new human body, the child contains all the previous qualities or thoughts hidden in the subconscious state. Therefore the child is unaware of anything and appears to be the most sacred.

In the child the thoughts are like the seeds without germination. Whatever may be the external atmosphere in which the child grows, the strong thoughts will certainly germinate and the thoughts will be like tender plants if not strong trees.
But if the external atmosphere is favorable this strong thought becomes tree, and weak thought will become plant.
These germinated thoughts will result in corresponding actions. The actions will give their own fruits whether here or there.

The fruits are the punishments, which will again reduce the thoughts to seeds. This is the cycle of the deeds.
When it is said that you are enjoying the fruit of the action of your previous birth, it has to be understood following the hemisphere of this cycle. The action of your previous birth was punished in the hell which has reduced your thought to the seed.
In this birth the seed is grown and resulted in its corresponding action. Such action gave you its result in this world since you are captured here itself. The judiciary system in this world also functions under the direction of the Lord only.

If you have escaped the judiciary system in this world, it is again by the will of Lord only. The Lord might have judged your case and might have given you a chance of transformation. Some times you are punished wrongly in a case. Do not abuse the court or God.
Perhaps you are punished for some other sin. Dot not think that you have escaped a punishment that you deserve in the court. Perhaps God is directing you for a severe punishment in the hell which cannot be provided by the court here.
Therefore do not think that you have fooled the court and think that the deity of justice is blind with a cloth tide on her eyes. This court is functioning according to the will of the Lord only because the Lord governs every body and everything in this world. Therefore do not blame God or do not say that God does not exist if some criminal escapes the punishment of this court.

Now the main point is how to escape from this cycle.
You cannot escape this cycle by preventing the deed or punishment. If you are tied with a rope, you will not do the deed till you are tied. You will do the deed as soon as you are released from the rope. You may escape the result of your deed by some recommendations, but you cannot escape from it in the hell.
The only way to stop this cycle is to destroy the thought which is the initiating seed.
How to destroy it ?
The seed is the thought which is a living property or property of life.

If it is inert property like light or heat, it can be prevented by physical methods. Only knowledge which is another living property can destroy this thought. Only a diamond can cut another diamond. The wrong knowledge which generates this sin is dangerous. Ignorance which is zero is better than wrong knowledge which is minus. Therefore only righteous knowledge can destroy wrong thoughts.
You can differentiate the right knowledge from the wrong knowledge through careful, patient analysis and discrimination. The knowledge of God alone can create even devotion in your mind and develop it. Thus by knowledge alone you can get rid of this cycle and attain and please God. Sankara says ‘ Jnanat evatu kaivalyam‘. Which means that the knowledge alone can give salvation. Jesus preached this spiritual knowledge throughout His life.

The atheist is always rigid and does not accept God even if a miracle is performed physically. He will attribute it to hypnotism and magic. When Lord Krishna showed the vision of His cosmic form in the court, Duryodhana became unconscious, but he attributed it to illusion and hypnotism. Therefore a rigid foolish atheist can never be transformed and he shall be condemned for ever like a student debarred by the university.
One must have open mind to recognize the truth and must have the courage to come out of his conservative rigid circle.

The atheist blames the devotees regarding this foolish conservative limits, but he himself is trapped by such limits! For a wise person even the subtle experience in small incidents taking place in his life is sufficient to realize the proof for existence of God.
God is giving proof about His existence even in very small incidents that take place in every walk of your life.
If you sit and analyse your past life with careful shrewd analysis, you can see the existence of God at every step who is trying to help you always.

Some say that God loves only His devotees and thus He is partial. This is meaningless.
If all are loving Him equally and if He loves a few only, that is partiality.