Predictions for birth number 1 and fadic number 2

Birth number 1 and Fadic number 2 numerologyMethod to calculate birth number and fadic number :
If you are born on dates 1,10,19,28 of any month, then your birth number is 1.
The single number remaining after adding up numbers in date, is taken.

How to find your fadic number : if you are born on 11th june 1983, 1+1+6+1+9+8+3 = 29
2+9 = 11
1+1 = 2

so your fadic number is 2.

So, if both your birth number is 1 and fadic number is 2, then you are completely under the influence of SUN and MOON.

Your Characteristics : They are under the influence of the Sun and the Moon. They are handsome though not tall. Just as both the sun and the moon cannot shine simultaneously, the BirthNumber 1 and the Fadic / Destiny  Number 2 of these people do not meet.

Therefore they will always feel something lacking in their life and they have to face frequent confusions. Like the moon which waxes or wanes each fortnight alternately, these people will feel confused in their mind during the first fifteen days and then for the next fifteen days they enjoy clarity of mind. All of a sudden they will lose their peace of mind by imagining that a serious danger is awaiting them. If they change their names to suit the above numbers, or if they already have suitable names, then they will not have to face much ill effect.

These people are strong in body but they do not possess enough mental strength. They will be bold when they work on behalf of others. Strangely, they get confused when they have to do something for themselves.  If men, they will get worries from women and vice versa. They may have to live away from their parents or may even lose them. They get sudden problems. They may suffer from sex diseases. They are nice looking and they can also talk sweetly. Sometimes they engage in certain action with the belief that they are acting intelligently, and then they find that they have been cheated. However, they will not reveal their disappointment.

Those in government service face problems created by their bosses as well as colleagues. Independent businessmen get confused because of the problems arising out of it. These adverse effects are predicted only if their names are not good enough according to Numerology. Otherwise, their life and progress will be smooth. These people are benefitted by foreign travels. They should deal with caution where women are concerned.

How to select best name :

It will be better if they have names which give number 6 as the sum total. This number stands for Venus. Names of persons or the business firms based on the number 15, 24, 33, 42, 69 etc. will produce good results.
Refer to The Chaldean Numerology System, to know how to calculate total value of a name.

Profession :

Sixty five percent of these people will be in salaried jobs and the remaining 35 percent will be engaged in trade. The latter category of people will earn money from selling cosmetics and luxury goods. They can get profit from occupations connected with electricity and fire. Dispatch of goods from one place to another also will be profitable to them.

Diseases :

They are susceptible to sex diseases, tooth-ache, headache, rheumatism, stomach pain, etc. It is necessary to take precautionary steps against them. But if they change their names to suit their DOB and DMY  Numbers, they will be less affected by these diseases. Their health also will improve.

Tips :

Lucky numbers       :    6, 7.

Lucky dates            :    1, 10, 19, and 28.

Lucky stones          :    Yellow sapphire, golden topaz, Pearl, Cat’s eye

Lucky colors           :    Light yellow, Light blue, Light green.

Unsuitable dates     :    8, 9, 17, 18, 26, 27

Unsuitable colors    :    Black, Red.