Vaasthu guidelines for kitchen construction

Vaastu for KitchensVastu guidelines for constructing safer kitchen
Kitchen is the place where housewives spend most of the time of the day chorus job. That is why we cannot under emphasize importance of proper vastu for the kitchen. If proper vastu rules are not followed in the kitchen owner might have difficulties in the life. We must attach importance to kitchen in house construction.

Stove or gas burner must not be lit facing the South or North. In many homes the kitchen is at outside of the house and this is mostly seen in villages. But this is not very popular.
Today we use gas burner which is safer than using firewood and bamboo.

  • Avoid placing the kitchen at the North- East corner of the house which may lead to lots of unrest in the home and may destroy peace of house.
  • It is also better to avoid kitchen at South-West side. This is also likely to cause many difficulties and worries to the owner. In order to get best out of Vastu, it is always advisable to consult a Vastu Expert before placing the kitchen or planning for the kitchen.
  • The cooking gas must be placed in the Southeast as it provides peace of mind.
  • The cooking stove has to be placed in the South-East.
  • In North-West kitchen the gas burner can be placed in the North-West in West.
  • If unavoidable, then the stove has to be placed in the south-East in East, facing the West and the stove should be lit.
  • The kitchen should have its heavier articles placed in the South and West like the fridge, Mixer grinder, and water storage bottles. The slab should be placed in the East, away from the Eastern wall.
  • Position of door in the kitchen should be in the north, east or in the north-east corner of the Kitchen. It should also open clockwise direction.
  • Kitchen windows should be in the East direction. The smaller windows can be in the South. There should be adequate provision for cross ventilation.
  • The water filter and drinking water should be stored in the North East corner.
  • The Refrigerator can be placed in the North-West or the South-West.
  • Exhaust fans in the eastern walls in the Southeast corner. The Kitchen is the best place to have the daily meals.

Evaluation points for kitchen construction, based on direction :


In older days cooking was done on earthen cooking stove usually placed outside the house and building materials used were combustible in nature. The cooking fire was preferred in S-E corner or the N-W corner to avoid hot summer wind blowing from the S-W to the N-E could not cause damage.

Women don’t get a chance to get exposed to the morning sunlight . So in order to avoid such a scenario vastu advises women to cook in the east direction only.