Vaastu guidelines for Senior Citizens, Working Professionals, Couples, Children

Vaastu GuidelinesVaasthu Sastra prescribes seven commandments for senior citizens, working professionals, housewives, newly married couples, students and children in a house.
Following these guidelines will lead to better health and harmony among members in the family.

For example : Direction of North is ruled by Kubera, the lord of wealth. Any imbalance in this direction can cause wisdom and intelligence to take a back set among owner of house and kids.

This imbalance can also lead to account frauds, improper and irrelevant talk, procrastinate and cancel almost certain journeys abroad, failures in higher studies, have effects on beauty with pimples and freckles, bring in legal problems etc.

You also need to understand that all houses are not built in exact directions.
You might be assuming that house is facing east, but it may not be geographical east.
So, it is important to use a magnetic compass to determine exact east, west, north and south directions at a particular location.

There are few important Vaastu guidelines that can contribute to protecting us, make us healthier and enable us to live in harmony with others.
These guidelines can remove the imbalances of the primary elements and strengthen our finances too.

Vaasthu Guidelines for Senior Citizens

  • Occupy the northeast of your home or your room.
  • Sleep with your head to the South. Turn right as you get up.
  • Use light colored bed linen to have a good night’s sleep.
  • Drink tulsi water stored in a copper vessel the overnight.
  • Perform yoga on light colored mattress in the center of your room.
  • Walk, every day, to the north, for half an hour.
  • Meditate between the eyebrows in a room lit with subdued white light.

Vaasthu Guidelines for Working Professionals

  • Occupy the south, west or southwest of your home or your room.
  • Have your treasury (money storage) in the north of your room, facing towards south.
  • Sleep with your head to the south or west.
  • Use dark colored bed linen and curtains in south-west bedroom.
  • Work, read and write facing north or east.
  • Set your mobile, laptop and PC wall paper and color scheme to any light color.
  • Reduce stress levels and remove excess heat in body by drinking water stored in a copper vessel placed in the north of your room overnight.

Vaasthu Guidelines for Newly married women and Housewives

  • Newly married can occupy North-West rooms if South-West is not available.
  • Have your dressing mirror in the north of your bedroom more to the east wall. (but mirror should not reflect your images while you are in sleep. If it does, then cover it with a cloth while sleeping)
  • Sleep with your head to the south and turn right while getting up.
  • Keep a low watt light colored bed lamp ON during the day in your bedroom.
  • Use light colored towels if you have an attached bathroom to your bedroom.
  • Avoid all electronic equipment like mobiles (charging overnight), television, laptops, desktops, tablets, wifi modems etc in bedroom.
  • If you prefer to have independent study areas, then they should be in the northeast of your home or room.

Vaasthu Guidelines for Students and Children

  • If you are a boy, occupy the southeast , east or south (in that order) of your home or room.
  • If you are a girl, occupy the northwest, west or north (in that order) of your home or room.
  • While studying orient to the east if you are a girl and to the north if you are a boy.
  • Sleep with your head to the east.
  • Never have a mirror in your bedroom. (Your image should not be reflected while studying or sleeping).
  • Curtains, bed linen, table cloth etc should be in light green or yellow color.
  • Play light instrumental music of your choice in your study area every night before sleep at minimal volume.