Vaastu and Diseases

It is universally known that our body is constituted of 5 elements namely fire, water, air, earth and sky. It is due to the intricate balance of these elements on the planet earth that led to the evolution of humans and other organisms. Any imbalance of these elements leads to diseases in humans. The balance of these natural elements can be restored through vaastu.

Different conditions are created for the existence of humans. All ailments arising due to vaastu defects are either by vastu defect in construction or due to residing in a defective direction. There is a strong link between vaastu and the human body. Any vaastu defect in construction can lead to disease in the human body. The connection between disease and vaastu defects in a house can be attributed to the following points.

1. A heavy construction in the north-east leads to insomnia, mental disorders, tension, irritation and a constant state of illness prevails or all the natural energy gets restricted.

2. An extension of south-east, a bedroom or a door in this direction can cause mental stress / tension, disturbed mind, high blood pressure etc. An underground water tank in this part of the house can lead to dehydration, diarrhea, and problems from offspring, kidney problems and ultimately there is no mental peace.

3. Sleeping in North West can be the cause of aggressive ness and loss of interest and also air borne diseases. An underground water source here may lead to mental trauma, insomnia, early maturity in children and a door in this direction can lead to accidents. A heavy construction in the north and a light construction in the south or a heavy construction in east and a light construction in the west obstruct the flow of air and energy associated with good health and thus cause insomnia, mental tension, physical weakness and prolonged ailments.

Any construction in the Brahma place i.e. in the middle of the house or an underground water source or source of fire gives path to deadly diseases, hallucinations, stomach aches, insomnia and mental disorders.

South-west extension and underground water source is associated with bad health of the male child, mental trauma, fear, insomnia, post accident ailments and water related syndromes of kidney.

Underground water source in the west gives birth to gynecological problems, fits and instability. Underground water sources in the south causes gynecological problems, cerebral disorders, mental tension and impatience.

By following the simple principles of Vaastu one can enjoy good health.

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