Effects of Jupiter transits in 2013-14

Jupiter effects in 2013-14, Vijaya Nama Samvatsara
Jupiter effects in 2013-14, Vijaya Nama Samvatsara
Jupiter being the King of the hindu new year, Vijaya Nama Samvatsara (2013-14), will make majority of the people respect law and justice.
Politicians and administrators will also try to be truthful.
More cases will be solved in court and at a quicker rate and justice will be delivered in majority cases.

Religious and spiritual gurus will increase and so will their followers.
Young entrepreneurs will find investors and many new businesses will flourish.
Finance and Banking sectors will grow.
Vegetabales which grow without exposure to sunlight(under the soil) will have huge demand and price.

People will spend money and time on celebrating festivals, religious rituals, family get togethers, promoting cultural activies, literature and cinema.

Education will become more expensive and so will be book publishing.
Money will be spend heavily on religious preachings, publicity and conversions.

Writers, artists, film makers will find new horizons and hope.

Gold rate will increase.
White collar offenses, political backstabbing, groupism will increase.
Courts will interfere in political decisions and administration.
More inter-caste, inter-religious, inter-racial marriages will happen this year.
Every religion will take measures to stop conversions into others.

People who had faith in religion, god, justice etc will see good days ahead.
Philanthropic nature will increase among people, which leads to increased food donations and social service.

Economies of USA, european countries, india will be on backfoot.
More and new taxes will prove heavy on citizens.
They will prefer donating their undeclared income (black money) to charity, rather than paying meaningless taxes.
Countries and states going for elections after may 2013, will see change in power.