Jupiter Retrograde in Leo January – May 2016, Effects

Jupiter retrograde in Leo from 09:16 IST on 8 January 2016 and continue in same way till 17:16 IST on 9 May 2016.
Before Jupiter becomes retrograde it enters into retrograde zone and starts slowing down, which has already started.
Before it becomes stationary and starts moving into backward direction (Its relative speed with earth will be less, so it appears to be moving backwards), it keeps moving into forward direction with retarded speed.
Jupiter remains into stationary motion for some time before it appears to be moving back.
Jupiter Retrograde in Leo

During next 4 months, Jupiter goes back from 1st quarter of Uttara Phalguni nakshatra to Poorva Phalguni in same sign
Between 08 January 2016 (09:16 IST) – 18 February 2016 (20:55 IST) – Jupiter retrograde motion in Uttara Phalguni nakshatra (owned by Sun).
Between 18 February 2016 (20:56 IST) – 09 May 2016 (17:15 IST) – Jupiter retrograde motion in Poorva Phalguni nakshatra (owned by Venus).
There will be noticeable changes in lives of those who have Sun and Venus as one of the ruling planet (either born on Sunday or Friday, born in ascendants or moon signs of Leo, Taurus, Libra, born with moon in Bharani, Krittika, Poorva Phalguni, Uttara Phalguni, Poorvashada or Uttarashada nakshatras).

If you have recently started some new work and it got stuck, then initial months of 2016 will be best time to finish them and see results from May 2016.
If Sun or Venus owns or signifies benefic houses in your horoscope like 1,2,3,4,6,9,11 then expect highly positive changes to come after Jupiter goes direct again in May.
If you are going through Vimsottari dasa of Venus or Sun and planning to start any new job or project or even make huge changes to your home or business, then it is advisable to wait till second week of May 2016.
Discussions, Paperwork, Agreements etc can be done before May, but field work should be postponed until Jupiter goes direct.
Time period between 25 March – 09 May 2016 is not advisable for any major transactions, relocating etc as two major planets Saturn and Jupiter will remain retrograde. Mars also goes retrograde during second half of April 2016, which complicates things further.
Guru Chandal Yoga with retrograde Jupiter, Stationary and retrograde Mars, retrograde Saturn make this period favorable only to terrorists, mafia and few cunning politicians.

Jupiter is planet of expansion and optimism and it is transiting the sign of recognition and creativity. This makes few of you recieve big opportunities or pushed to do your thing more obviously. Applause is a very big deal in Leo.
Heart patients, speculators, Drama or Movie artists, writers, Managers need to be cautious during this period.
Food donations will increase, and so will adulteration of food and beverages.
Obesity will increase and so will cyber crime.
Gold Price will be stable and starts increasing slowly.
American economy will not pickup despite $ rate being steady.

Born with Jupiter Retograde in Personal Horoscope

Retrograde planets in horoscope tell you why certain things would come to you later in Life than others, such as a fulfilling relationship or marriage, financial abundance, career opportunities, education, children etc.
If that planet is Jupiter, then you will face delayed results in one of these events : Marriage, Children, Financial Gains, Career or Business establishment, Long cherished dreams etc.
And every year’s Jupiter retrograde period of 4 months will prepare you for something better coming during its direct motion.
Few personal events like family life, children, own house, financial wellbeing can come late than usual and that too after learning some lessons.
However, spiritual enlightenment can come earlier than usual, compared to others.
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