Jupiter transit in CAPRICORN (Makara Rasi) 2020-21, Effects

Jupiter the biggest benefic planet which controls finance businesses, banking, money flow, family relations, gold price, social justice, sugar and fat in body etc will be entering into Capricorn (Makara Rasi) on 19 November 2020 at 23:38 IST according to K.P Ayanamsa.
This will be second time when Jupiter enters Makara Rasi this year. Last entry was on 29 March 2020 at 09:21 IST and returned to Dhanu Rasi on 01 July 2020 at 00:07 IST.

During those 3 months of Atichaara (extreme transit), Jupiter crossed Pluto twice in both directions and triggered covid-19 infections in last march and late june.
Jupiter will cross entire Makara Rasi and enter Kumbha rasi on 05 April 2021 at 11:22 IST.
Jupiter transiting through 3 signs (Dhanu, Makara, Kumbha) within one vedic calendar year Sarvari nama samvatsara (2020-2021) is bad sign for entire world.
Natural calamities, war or emergency like situation, recession, closure of multiple industries, collapse of economies, increase in crime rate, anarchy, lack of enough food supply due to climate or war situations are possible.
Also Jupiter transiting its debilitated sign does not give much positivity to the world.
Being in Saturn sign and also in conjunction is good for religious activities but justice will be denied for many deserving people.
Few tyrant governments will go to any extent and suppress popular voices that go against their administration.
Corruption enters all major countries in all departments. Justice will be denied for many, as Jupiter is weak in Saturn sign.
But Saturn in its own sign exposes all corrupt in front of people.
There can be death of atleast one powerful and popular political leader in the world.

Jupiter quickly transits entire Makara Rasi and jumps into Kumbha Rasi (Aquarius) on 5th April 2021, but it retrogrades on 20 June 2021 at 20:00 IST and re-enters Makara Rasi on 15 September 2021 at 12:52 IST.
During Jupiter retrograde period, Saturn will also be under retograde motion in close proximity which frustrates those who are fighting for justice.
Legal, financial, social issues do not get resolved.
During this time, Mercury also goes into retrograde motion which further delays all paper work, communication, planning.
Finally Jupiter exits Capricorn and re-enters Aquarius on 20 November 2021 at 00:38 IST.

Saturn Jupiter conjunct 2020-2021 in Capricorn

During this 1 year journey, Saturn in its own sign will conjunct Jupiter. Here Saturn is most powerful and overrules a weakly placed Jupiter.
Gold prices will not grow exponentially but demand and sale can come down considerably.
Expansiveness of Jupiter is restrained in Capricorn, because our thoughts are limited to ideas that can actually be turned into a reality.
Capricorn wants measurable results and is skeptical about new and unproven ideas.
Someone who want to take on this world with innovation or aggression, will not be encouraged in coming months.
Jupiter and Saturn are neutral towards each other and in an earth sign, but Jupiter is almost muted by powerful Saturn.
Last time when Jupiter transited Capricorn (early 2009), it was conjunct another malefic planet Rahu, which made corruption look normal and caused numerous scams.
Those born with Jupiter in Capricorn (natal chart) are compasionate, pure at heart and have a never-ending ambition.
They can lack intelligence but are connected to family.
Saturn wants you to leave spiritual, religious practices and focus on practical work. Those who were into rituals, meditation during last few months (July-November 2020), can take a break and apply their energies in real world.
Few signs can lose eveything while few can trigger wealth unexpectedly.
Saturn owns 10th house in zodiac (profession/Karma), while Jupiter owns 9th (luck and dharma). Their conjunction in 10th house causes Dharma-Karma Yoga.
This yoga is good for those born in Moon signs and Ascendants of Pisces (Meena), Taurus (Vrishabha), Cancer (Karkataka), Virgo (Kanya).
They should have the best time ahead as many dramatic positive changes can happen. Cancerians and Virgo can have moderately good period due to Saturn conjunction.
Pisceans can have a blast in major part of 2021 as both major planets will be transiting their 11th house, along with Rahu in 3rd house.
Sagittarius cannot experience the benefic results as Saturn still delivers ill-effects. Scorpians will have to wait till early 2021 for their sign lord to move out of stationary position, Leo can lose reputation for sometime and regain it later.
Aries (Mesha) will have to follow few corrupt practices for additional income, while Libra (Thula) born can be busy with repair work, rituals at home.
Capricorn will be worried about their future and health of partner.
This Saturn Jupiter conjunct 2020-2021 in Capricorn is bad for Aquarians (Kumbha) and Gemini (Mithuna) as it can effect their physical, mental and financial health.
Sudden losses, debts, rejections, broken relations, loneliness can haunt them.
Also Jupiter conjunct Pluto during November 2020 makes many power-hungry or status-conscious.

Jupiter is not at its happiest, most expansive position in this Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn. Even if someone achieves their dream goal, they remain somewhat dissatisfied.
Jupiter in next 2 years (transiting Capricorn and Aquarius) can never give anyone 100% happiness or satisfaction.
Jupiter transit in Capricorn asks us to value achievement in the long term and plan for future.
Any new business or project started now will not fetch immediate results but go on to fetch long term returns.
Environmentalists will be hyper active, trying to preach everyone to preserve nature, go-green, stop waste of food, reduce celebrations of ‘few’ festivals.

Climatic and Political Predictions for Jupiter transit in Capricorn and conjunct Saturn 2020-2021

Winter 2020 will be colder than last year. Smog, fog, snowfall in unexpected areas can be experienced.
All climates will be extreme during 2021.
West and South-West coastal areas of many countries can get hit by natural calamities.
USA will witness great unrest during November-December 2020. Election fraud will be exposed.
China continues to lose manufacturing industries to neighbouring countries.
South Africa, Zimbabwe gets blamed for racism, internal conflicts. Pakistan loses diplomatic war with India again.
Bangladesh continues to bother neighbours with their extremism.
Nepal continues to lose majority hindu population to missionary conversions.
Covid-19 vaccine comes up suddenly after USA president takes oath in early 2020, which create doubts on entire corona episode.

Jupiter in Capricorn [Makara Rasi] from 19 November 2020, Effects on 12 Moon Signs