Lunar Eclipse on 28 November 2012, Effects

Lunar Eclipse 28 november 2012Penumbral lunar eclipse will take place on November 28, 2012 with Full Moon in Taurus.
This eclipse occurs when ketu and moon are conjunct retrograde Jupiter, so be careful what you say. Make sure not to exaggerate. Be especially careful with all legal contracts now.
Double check the fine print. People will be communicating more than ever.
Exchange of emails, letters, text messages, phone calls etc will increase.

This lunar eclipse is visible in Hawai, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand, Islands in Pacific ocean, Asian countries like Japan, China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Russia, North-East Pakistan etc.
In India, full eclipse can be seen in almost all north, east, central and southern states.
People in west coast can see eclipse only at moon rise.
Along with them, people in middle-east, europe and africa can also see it partially.

Eclipse at moon set is visible in north american continent, except for east coast cities.
It can be seen in most cities of USA and Canada.
Total eclipse will last for 4:35:59 HRS and starts at 12:14:59 UTC, with Greatest point at 14:32:59 UTC and ends at 16:50:59 UTC.

Since this eclipse occurs with moon in Rohini nakshatra, in Vrishabha rasi, people born with moon under this star and sign will be psychologically effected during next 2 weeks.
In india, eclipse will be seen between 17:38 – 20:15 HRS.
This eclipse will cause adverse effects on australia and african continents.
Also few asian countries in pacific ocean will be effected.
Indian government will face a stiff challenge to survive as eclipse is happening in its ascendant and also its moon sign is owned by moon itself.
Also, mars in sagittarius is now aspected by saturn.
Avoid arguments this month as they can spin out of control and you will regret later.
This is a good month though to do physical tasks like yoga, body building, fat burning exercises, sports etc.

Venus is conjunct Saturn and Sextile Mars.
So, better stick to the quiet pleasures and this is best time for romance.
If you are not with somebody, this is also a good day to look. At the very least, you can have a good time. Schedule some fun on 29 november.

This eclipse is good for people born in moon signs and ascendants of Pisces, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius.
Rest signs will face some mental stress and more effect will be seen for Taurus and Scorpio born people.
Gemini born should control their expenses and postpone all shopping plans to christmas.
Libra born should avoid confrontations at work and take care of health.