Mercury Effects in Plava Nama Samvatsara (2021-22)

Mercury Plava nama samvatsara 2021-22Moon (Budha Graha) is the Minister for Vedic New Year Plava Nama Samvatsara (2021-22).
Mercury being the minister, runs administrations with logic and tact.

India will be able to sense attempts of neighbours beforehand and employ suitable measures.
Army gains appreciation for their activities at border.
Defence budget will not increase much but procurement of new weapons possible.
Cheating cases, white collar offenses, online frauds increase in 2021-22.
Honesty, sincerity is a rare quality.
Mercury metal price increases. More states will cooperate with central government.
Arts and Sports will be encouraged.
More new stadiums will be built or old ones get renovated.

Green gram production and price also increases.
Indians will realise that Pakistan and Bangladesh are two sides of same coin.
Aliens, debris of UFOs will be found this year in multiple places.
Indian constitution will be amended to make strict laws.
Social Media, Print and digital media, governments, bureaucrats will try to impose restrictions on hindu festivals this year.
People will revolt in large numbers.

More bird species can go extinct during 2021-22. Reasons are multiple, including 5G testing.
Green leafy vegetables production decreases and prices increases.
More financial and chitfund companies close down.
Germany, Japan economies follow Greece pattern.
USA also heading towards heavy debts.
Small time investors who trust small cap and mid cap in share markets will gain large cap (returns).
Few aircrafts can collapse or crash land due to technical issues.
More people suffer from psychological disorders, fragile mindsets and suicide rate increases.