Moon Effects in Sarvari Nama Samvatsara (2020-21)

Moon Sarvari nama samvatsara 2020-21Moon (Chandra Graha) is the Minister for Vedic New Year Sarvari Nama Samvatsara (2020-21).
Egoistic, Head strong people can be seen everywhere. Nobody is ready to take advice or recommendation.

Moon controls minds of all living beings on earth and this year it makes them selfish, self-centered and lonely from inside.
Youth are busy trying to achieve short term goals and do not have patience for long term benefits.
This applies to money, career, relations and health.
2020-21 will be full of controversies, media creating issues out of everything for TRP ratings.
Frequent bomb blasts, volcano eruptions, street fights with weapons, mob lynching, violence and bloodshed on roads, collpasing of bridges and buildings, fire accidents are common incidents.
Agriculture is well supported by nature in many countries (except coastal states of Asian Islands).

People will become more nationalists, region, race and religion centered.
Unemployed youth create more headaches to establishments by starting revolts and promote mass violence.
They will successfully brainwash others against government policies.
Non-agricultural lands are sold for higher prices. Gold price increases beyond the reach of common man.

India loses many artifacts, ancient idols to other countries through smuggling.
Moon creates threatening situations for few officials and politicians.
Perfumes, all types of paper, decorative items are sold more than usual.
New experiments will be done in cinema. Many small budget movies make good money, while few big budget cinemas lose.
Indian space research gain international attention and fame.