Manmadha Nama Samvatsara Ugadi Predictions for 2015-16 in Vedic Astrology

New hindu New Year named Manmadha Nama Samvatsara is starting on 20th March 2015, 15:07 hours IST.
So from sunrise on 21st march, the new year is counted.
It has Karka (Cancer) Lagna with Jupiter (Retrograde) in Cancer, Saturn (Retrograde) in Libra, Rahu in Virgo, Sun with Moon, Mars, Ketu in Pisces, Venus in Aries and Mercury in Aquarius.
Manmadha Nama new year 2015-16 predictions and horoscope

This year Saturn is King, Mars is the Minister while Moon is the commander-in-chief of army among Nava Nayakas for Ugadi 2015-16.
Slow moving Saturn retrograde and ruling this year is bad for functioning of administrations.
Only Saturn, Mars, Moon, Mercury, Venus have good ownerships in Manmadha Nama Samvatsara.
Mars will cause more frequent eruption of Volcanoes (both on earth and inside oceans).
Miracles of God at religious places will be experienced.
Few pilgrimages can lead to mass deaths.
Countries ruled by military or dictators (more applicable to North Korea) will see better days as Saturn will give boost to democracy.
Natural calamities (floods and earth quakes) will increase this year.
Canada, USA, South India, Jammu & Kashmir, Germany, China, Hawai Islands, Pacific Islands will be the worst hit by nature.
Major cities in USA and China will be hit by earth quakes.

Sportsmen need more security as some mishaps can happen. Ex-sportsmen turned politicians need to take care of their security as life threatening situations can arise.
Usage of drugs will increase and also crime related to it is on rise.
Japan polulation will freeze. China will try to occupy every small island around it.
USA will be busy policing other countries and organizing wars, while its own economy goes down. Obama will be criticized for his policies and personal issues.
Hillary Clinton will progress and be more popular.
In Britain, Conservative party leader Zac Goldsmith will gain more popularity.

Crime on women, white collar offences, cyber crime are increasing compared to last year.
More laws but less results in this regard.
Indian Prime Minister will dare to take few sensational decisions on Jammu and Kashmir.
In Europe, Germany and Italy face tough times this year. Egypt, Iraq, Israel continue their war atmosphere.
Pakistan will face results of internal turmoil. Imran Khan needs special security.
Priyanka Gandhi will step forward into active politics while her mother and brother will take backseat, but this will not help Congress party this year as BJP continues to dominate.
Amit Shah will be regarded as Modern Chanakya.

Chinese mobiles will be banned (officially or unofficially) across many countries.
Usage of pesticides in cultivation of food will be restricted.
Organic foods gain more popularity.
Hunger deaths will be almost zero this year.

Suicides, broken love affairs, alcoholism, drug addictions are common among teenagers.
Ebola virus will spread in many countries. (refer to predictions about new Virus attack last year )
Sensex can touch 30000 by April 2015.

Bad days to start construction, buying or moving into new house in 2015

Between 04 April – 29 May 2015, transit of Sun indicates bad days to start any new constructions, extensions, buying or selling, moving into new houses.
However, work that has been already started can continue and also repair work can be done for damages.

Manmadha Nama Samvatsara (2015-16) period wise results will be as follows :

  • 21 March to 30 June 2015 : Retrograde Saturn aspecting Rahu and Mars will cause bomb blasts, death of prominent persons, rise is terrorism across many countries.
    Fire accidents in forests, earth quakes, Volcanoes will be seen.
    Delayed or untimely rain hits agriculture.
  • 1 July – 30 September 2015 : Unexpected rains, floods, cyclones, tsunamis will hit many coastal countries.
    Deaths at religious places, incidents believed as miracles of god, exposure and arrest of fake gurus.
    Jupiter changes sign and loses aspect on Scorpio, which lets crime break free.
  • 1 October – 31 December 2015 : People will fight for justice. Good time for Entertainment, Cinema, Restaurants, Tourism businesses.
    Variety of Cinema will be made. Few bigwigs will lose grip in large scale businesses, making way for newcomers.
  • 1 January – 7 April 2016 : Saturn aspects many fast moving planets during this time and this leads to internal conflicts, court cases between governments, severe cold climate, sexual scandals being exposed by media, deaths of popular old persons.
    Spirituality, interest in Philosophy, Religion will increase.

As per Vedic Panchanga (Almanac), cabinet for the year(2015-16) is :

These yearly predictions are based on entry of sun into various rasis and most importantly into Makara(Capricorn) and Mesha(Aries) besides begining of lunar new year.