Moon Effects in Subhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2022-23)

Moon is the Rasaadhipati (controls beverages, defence etc) for Vedic New Year Subhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2022-23).
Moon Subhakritu nama samvatsara 2022-23
Corruption increases in every department. Family members argue and fight over trivial issues.

More number of youth get addicted to alcohol, tobacco and drugs.
Dairy products, animal husbandry are in demand.
Crime increases in form of kidnaps, murders, land related litigations etc.
Honour killings, murders of siblings, families over property issues will be in news.
Countries fight over land and sea border lines.
Women are not safe either in cities or villages. Economically weaker sections are denied justice and get exploited.
Usage of fake documents, currency is widespread.

Dictators like Kim Jong-un of North Korea face tough time.
Huge economies like USA, Japan struggle with debts.
China-Taiwan conflict gets bigger and can turn into a war in future.
Aliens will hijack aeroplanes and proofs will appear in future.
Soft drinks, alcoholic beverages get pricey. LPG cylinders also become expensive.

Milk, mineral water, alcohol, packed foods , ayurvedic medicines, herbal shampoos get adulterated. Few companies are only namesake ‘organic’.
Food will lack nutrition.
More people turn diabetic (especially teenagers and children).
More people will turn vegan and meat loses demand temporarily.
Moon and Rahu this year causes more deaths in water (lakes, waterfalls, rivers, oceans) around eclipse times.
South India will face cyclones and floods in all four coastal states.