Jupiter Effects in Subhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2022-23)

Jupiter is the Minister for Vedic New Year Subhakritu Nama Samvatsara (2022-23).
Jupiter Subhakritu nama samvatsara 2022-23
In India, Prime Minister and all his cabinet ministers work in coordination to achieve their goals.

Constitution will be amended to remove few hurdles. Religious heads try to interfere in administration or give their unwanted opinions.
Education policy will change and few text books get edited. But they only add up to existing confusion.
Few heads of education and religious places get caught in atrocities on women.
Steps taken to control inflation and uplift economy will prove effective.
Few religious heads try to destroy education and upliftment of their women.
Corrupt government officials will be caught and suspended.

Timely rainfall increases food production and storage.
GOLD price inceases from Mid-April 2022.
People will revert to age old customs, traditions, food habits, lifestyle, celebrations, weddings, medicine.
Naturopathy centers, resorts, hotels in hillstations, organic food are in demand.
Logical thinkers, people with knowledge in ancient traditions, history are in demand.
Silk industry attracts most profits.
Share market picks up from summer of 2023.

Earth quake possible in Himalayan Belt of North India.
Temples destruction in South India gets national attention.
Devotion and following of religious rituals increases.
Cyber crime increases. Most criminals are school and college dropouts.
Unistalling all digital payment apps from mobile phones is the only way to protect your money.
Ancient languages like sanskrit gain more popularity and will be taught in more universities.
Book reading reduces which effects printing industry.

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