Planetary Influence in July 2019

Effects of Two Eclipses, Kala Sarpa Yoga and 7 planets influencing Gemini, Sagittarius during July 2019 in Vedic Astrology.
Financial Predictions July 2019A Total Solar Eclipse on 2 July, visible in South America, Partial Lunar Eclipse occuring on 16-17 July 2019 seen everywhere except in North America along with all planets either conjunct or in between Rahu-Ketu effect everyone financially and psychologically.
Gemini (Mithuna), Cancer (Karkataka), Sagittarius (Dhanus) and Capricorn (Makara) will be the most effected signs.

During the first half of July, Moon will be transiting within Rahu in Gemini and Ketu in Sagittarius. This is not good for people born with moon in Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius and Capricorn.
There can be mistakes while handling money. Need to stay away from speculation and gambling.
Mithuna Rasi born can face disappointments and humiliation in job. Patience and courage are need to handle needed. They should avoid change of job and signing new contracts.
Family relations are strained.
Cancer Moon Sign need to wait further to see a breakthrough in career. Avoid litigations and debts. Also postpone all risk taking ventures for another 2 months.
Simha Rasi born need to be careful with authorities during 2nd half of July. Your words can effect relations.
Kanya Rasi must avoid all wicked, cunning and oppurtunists around them. Recent setbacks were caused due to misguidance and arrogance.
Take care of your valuables and investments.
Dhanus Rasi born should practice anger management and stay positive. Friends can turn into foes due to misinterpretation of your words.
Makara Rasi born will not be satisfied with income. During second half of the month they will face financial challenges.

New Moon Eclipse on July 2 : Emotions run high with this Solar Eclipse in Gemini. Tempers need to be controlled due to a close conjunction of Mercury (communications) and Mars (anger). Avoid arguments.

Full Moon Eclipse on July 16 : Positive use of this eclipse is to clean things up and throw unnecessary things (including negative people) out.

July 4 : Mars sesquasquares Jupiter – Today you may think you can do several things at once but you cannot. Do not overextend yourself. Also tempers tend to be shorter today. Avoid discussions about politics.

July 8 : Mercury turns Retrograde – It causes delays with transportation and communication. Try not to sign any important papers, such as a lease (renewals are okay, but do not sign a new one). Take extra time traveling. Any important agreement you reach during retrograde Mercury has an increased chance of being changed.

July 9 : Sun opposition Saturn – Delays and obstacles coming from other people. Do not ask for favors today. Stick to routine.

July 11 : Mars square Uranus – This increases the chance of accidents because it makes you impulsively rush things. Slow down and think before you act.

July 12 : Mercury sesquasquares Neptune – Confusion with communications. Re-read that text message before you click “Send.

July 17 : Venus opposes Saturn – Definitely NOT a good day for a first date. Avoid beauty treatments today. They could take much longer and you still may not like the results.

July 18 : Venus trine Neptune – A good day to take a walk in the park and smell the flowers. Relax and enjoy yourself. You deserve it.

July 21 : Mercury conjunct Sun – This is a good day to go back (retrograde Mercury) and take care of all those tasks you started but never finished.

July 22 : Sun sesquasquares Jupiter – Overenthusiasm hits today. Do no take on more than you can handle.

July 24 : Mercury conjunct Venus – This is great for contacting old friends that you have not talked to in a while.

July 25 : Mars trine Jupiter – Plenty of energy and enthusiasm today. But remember Mercury is still Retrograde. Use your energy to finish tasks you have already started. Avoid beginning new projects.

July 27 : Venus sesquasquares Jupiter – Over-indulgence and laziness. Enjoy it!

July 29 : Sun square Uranus : – Expect the unexpected with Uranus. If you have a sudden urge to make a major change in your life, do NOT do it today. Sit down and think carefully about it first. Remember also that Mercury is still Retrograde and that is a bad time to start anything new.

July 31 : Mercury turns Direct : – It is about time! Give Mercury at least a week to pick up some speed and for things to get back to normal.