Venus becomes more beneficial planet than Jupiter

venus dominates jupiterJupiter is considered as most benefic planet in traditional astrology since ages. Jupiter controls knowledge, wisdom, finance, family, wealth etc and is placed in auspicious houses while planning any main events like marriage etc in life.

But during recent past years, jupiter’s strength is getting reduced and Venus is gaining more power.
These results can be observed as women dominating men, women’s reservation bill, women getting more education, people getting more habituated to comfortable lifestyle, more liqour consumption among men and women, drugs, new model cars etc.
Jupiter’s attributes like knowledge, wisdom , preaching and teaching are considered outdated issues and luxuries, money are given more importance.
Venus also control chemicals, jewellery, astrology and people will use them more than ancient literature and religious traditions which are controlled by Jupiter.
Venus also controls sexual life, love affairs, marriage issues which are treated as most important by today’s generation.
On the other hand, jupiter’s transition in favourable signs like trines (1,5,9), 7th, 11th from moon sign and lagna are not proving to be ‘really’ beneficial for many people.
Even people born with exalted and own sign Jupiter are not leading comfortable lives.
Most of them are suffering from obesity, diabetes and blood pressure.
So from now on watchout for position of Venus if you checkout any horoscope or plan any important even like marriage, buying or building a new house.

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