Ayurvedic cure for Low Blood Pressure

low bloood pressure ayurvedic treatmentLow B.P (Blood Pressure) occurs due to lack of appetite, weakness of dhatus, reduction of fat. Symptoms like depressions below eyes, drying of lips, hair fall, insomnia, inferiority complex will develop.

Ayurvedic cure for low blood pressure

Yoga Methods in Praanaayaam :
1. Sulabha Bhastrika
2. Bhastrika
3. Surya bedhana praanaayaam

Recipe 1 :
Ginger juice: 1 spoon
Lemon juice : 1 spoon
Mix both and take one hour before food in the morning and night.
Low Blood Pressure due to lack of appetite will be eliminated.

Recipe 2 :
Dry grapes : 20
Anjeer/Anjur (Figs): 2
Dry khajur (dry dates) : 1
Wash the above and soak in half glass water over night.
Early in the morning chew the soaked dry fruits one by one and drink the soaked water too.
Do not eat breakfast till one hour after this recipe.
Depression and dark circles below eyes, depression of cheeks will be eliminated. Blood production will increase.

Recipe 3 :
Tomatoes : 5 (small)
Carrot : 1
Beet root : 1
Cut the above 3 vegetables into pieces and spray candy sugar powder with little honey before eating.
This has to be taken betweeen 4 to 5 PM (atleast 3 hours after lunch and 2 hours before dinner)

Recipe 4 :
Soak 32 dry grapes in drinking water over night and cover the glass with a lid.
Early in the morning eat these grapes one by one slowly and drink the water.
You can do yoga, walking or little exercise after this and after 1 hour, breakfast can be taken.

Recipe 5 :
Take ginger juice 1 spoon added to 1 spoon honey two times a day one hour before food.

Recipe 6 :
Add 1 spoon honey to 1 cup carrot juice and take it in the evening.

Recipe 7 :
Eat one pomegranate before sleep. Low Blood Pressure will subside.

One can try any of the above 7 recipes along with 1 of the Pranayama yoga methos as ayurvedic cure for low blood pressure.