Saturn transit in Scorpio 2014-17, Karmic Effects

saturn in scorpioSaturn, the slowest moving yet the biggest Karmic player in Vedic Astrology will be leaving its exalted and comfort zone Libra and enter the watery sign Scorpio on 01 November 2014 23:33 hrs IST (+5:30 hours UTC).
Saturn will continue its forward and retrograde motions for about 27 months in Scorpio and will enter fiery sign Sagittarius on 25 January 2017 18:13 hrs IST.
Scorpio is the sign of revenge, underworld journey, metamorphosis, soul merging, being haunted, traumas and emotional wounds. These next two years, Saturn has lessons in different packages, with a core theme of transforming what is toxic, and undergoing the changes that your soul is crying out for.
If still you happen to carry something from your past, Saturn in Scorpio is going to show you how to wield the scythe.

Saturn in Scorpio will make us hit the bottom, the darkest place and build (re-build ?) a strong foundation.
While Saturn in Libra questioned many committed relationships, its transit in Scorpio will dig more deeply into the dynamics of our relationships.
Saturn demands honesty, discipline, simplicity, definition, realism, and truth in every aspect of life and if we don’t obey, it will deal with us the hard way.
Partnerships and relationships formed in past 2 years will work but now will need to be defined with depth.
Few will be able to know if their partner is trying to control them instead of putting faith in the relationship.
Love relations started while Saturn in Venus’s sign Libra will now appear too mechanical, impersonal, and detached.
True love, feeling of being used, intimacy levels will tested during next 2-3 years.
If you have broken up or somehow got seperated from someone you love in between 2011-12, you might want to meet and patchup after november 2014.

Just being close, spending time with each other, exchanging texts or emails, buying gifts might have given you an illusion of intimacy, but Saturn in Scorpio will burst them and expect you to dig deeper into your partner’s mind.
These next few months are good time to learn how to face your innermost fears, phobias, face yourself and control anger.
It is also a good period to control and master over your addictions.
If you have become lazy since 2012, the this upcoming transit will expect you to workout and finish all pending work on time, and if possible ahead of time.
If you wish to hit the gym or go for a regular jog, or even try yoga, then start this november.

If you have lot of debts, uncleared balance sheets, taxes to pay, Saturn’s transit in Scorpio can help you to structure, organize, and make sense out of them.
Saturn in Scorpio will invoke a craving for intimacy and depth of experience. So, if you have been in love with someone or moving closely since past few months, yet did not get physical, then expect your partner to try and cross the line.

Usual tendencies of Scorpio like frequent lying, jealousness, manipulating things will now be under strict surveillance of Saturn and if we do not change those attributes, we will be forced to pay a big price.
This is time to be honest with ourselves, with the ones we love and care for.

Political, Economic and Environmental influence of Saturn transit in Scorpio

Politically and Economically, this transit between 2014-2017 will not be good for small islands.
USA economy will not pickup enough. Few dark secrets and shocking truths will be exposed about how administration has manipulated things in the past.
Upcoming real estate business in few cities will go totally down, while new areas of business will be identfied and developed.
Coal, Oil, Diamonds, Minerals businesses will do good. Their shares will increase in market.

This is the time for “Quality over Quantity“.

Saturn transit in Scorpio, effects of 12 Moon Signs

Aries : There will be delays and disappointments, if you do not organize yourself and work before end of october 2014. You need to set realistic goals and have a disciplined lifestyle, else Saturn will punish for your lethargy. Few will suffer from slow metabolism, pain in the back, knees and area below the knees.
Elders in family need medical attention. A visit to hospital or graveyard can make you philosophical.

Taurus : This will test your relations with spouse and partners in business. Few enemies will be waiting to tarnish your reputation and throw you out of work place. If you have a chance to work in long distance city or foreign country, use it to the maximum.

Gemini : Long standing issues will be closed in your favor. Jupiter too is helpful till July 2015, so you can start something new in life with confidence.

Cancer : Saturn will bring major changes in your family, love life, health of kids, attitude of friends, finances.
Whether these changes will be positive or negative, will depend on strength and position of Saturn in your birth chart.

Leo : Financially a challenging period as funds and resources can dryup and will make you run into debts.
Avoid BIG plans, do not entertain parasites who leech on your energy, time and money.
Stick to normal routine, drive slowly and always double check lock on your door before leaving.

Virgo : This is comeback time with fresh energies of Saturn and Jupiter.
Financial growth and long cherished dreams will come true.
Just be honest with yourself and try to patchup with seperated, yet trusted friends.

Libra : Control speech, else relationships will break. Control finances, else you will be broke. Control health (backbone, knees and teeth), else will be hospitalized.
Always count your blessings.

Scorpio : Lack of energy, motivation, lethargy, acidity in stomach, backpain, injuries, arthiritis, pain in legs, usless wandering are what Saturn can give you.
Some of you will be tensed due to outcome of an investment made in recent past.
Relation with parents and siblings will be strained. Few can lose job or find new job.

Sagittarius : Increased expenditure, bad health, anxiety, insomnia are Saturn’s gifts for you.
If you do not exercise control over speech, you will be humiliated in public.
Do not get greedy and avoid all risky investments.
You will understand that ‘Fate is unavoidable‘.

Capricorn : Saturn in Scorpio gives major wish fulfilment, celebration in family, happiness through kids, gain of wealth and health, better social network, and popularity. You can expect energizing and invigorating interpersonal relationships. It is right time to set your foot on the accelerator and speed ahead, especially between november 2014 – july 2015.
If you do not like the road you’re walking, pave a new one !

Aquarius : There can be heavy pressure and demand at work. This can make few of you quit present job and wait for a new one.
You can get professional developments but after some delay.
Frustration can buildup as you will take more time than usual to finish simple tasks. Take good care of health and avoid loans.

Pisces : Saturn in Scorpio brings dawn of fate, long distance travel, higher ideals and refined spirituality. You will break free from existing notions and assess things objectively.
It would be almost impossible to stick to an orthodox or religious routine as Saturn will keep you busy.
Unnecessary expenditure will be controlled and you will suddenly regain your original creativity like a flash.

Saturn Transit in Scorpio, 2014-2017 – Effects on Nakshatras in Vedic Astrology

Saturn (Sani) always tries to release us from our balance karma by making us go through experiences and learning lessons.
If we follow saturn’s rules of disciplines, honesty, truth, simplicity and realism, we will be made to suffer the least and we need not look for remedies.

If Saturn in Ashtakavarga chart of your horoscope has less than 3 points for Scorpio, then next 3 years will be testing time for you, irrespective of what your ascendant or moon sign is.
3-4 points will have an average time and anything above is good.