Venus Effects in Vikari Nama Samvatsara (2019-20)

Venus Vikari nama samvatsara 2019-20Venus (Sukra Graha) is the Rasadhipati (controls beverages, defence etc) for Vedic New Year Vikari Nama Samvatsara (2019-20).
Prices of Oils, Juices extracted from fruits and seeds will increase this year.
Sugar industry will pickup. Old sugar factories which were either closed or running in losses can experience change of fortunes.

Government can introduce many welfare schemes for health of citizens. Medical insurance schemes will be in demand.
Jewellery, Diamonds, fancy furniture will be out of reach for many.
Health consciousness increases and people invest time + money in organic food, Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy etc.
Fitness trainers, Yoga Gurus, Beauticians, Physiotherapists are in demand.
Governments will try to bring new bills or make changes to existing bills for protection of women.
Women excel in sports and powerful positions.

Vulgarity will be regarded as comedy !
Drug abuse (especially kids) increases as governments fail to control their supply.
Chemical bombs, acids will be used by many for seeking personal revenge.
Vitamins and Minerals content in fruits, vegetables decrease and people will have to depend of supplements for nutrition.
Milk and water will be adulterated. Soft drinks prove to be poisonous.
Infants and kids will be effected by adulterated milk.
Fertility centers and hospitals increase their income but not efficiency.
Fake gurus, babas, astrologers with zero knowledge increase with aim to exploit people’s weaknesses and make money.
Spirituality and Divination are the biggest business and quickest way to riches.

Sand mafia will prove to be dangerous for rivers and future generations.
Many rivers reach their final stages.
India launches more satellites successfully.
Flight or Helicopter crash can kill a VIP !
Cost of living increases in many countries, so also will income levels.