Communications Skills, Speech in Horoscope & Moon Signs

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In a horoscope, the 2nd house and the 2nd lord signify the verbal communication capabilities of an individual. If the 2nd lord and the 2nd house are strong, the person will talk lovingly, will be sensible and sensitive about the words he/she uses. It can be very well said that a person with strong 2nd lord will always do well in interviews and group discussions.

In a chart if the 2nd lord is a malefic, the person will get angry very often, and will tend to hurt many through his/her destructive words. They also will be boring in conversation, and will always beat around the bush before coming to the point. They will also get involved in long and unsuccessful conversations.

If the second lord is in a Fiery or Airy sign, the person will have a quick sense of humour. If the second lord is in a Earthy or Watery sign the person will be practical, would laugh at others jokes, and will not hurt people unnecessarily.

People with the 2nd lord in a Fixed sign, will go about the same topic again and again, whereas people with 2nd lord in a moving sign will keep changing the topic of conversation. If the 2nd lord is in a dual sign, the person will switch, and then come back and forth a single topic.

Planets and Conversational capabilities

If the 2nd lord is Sun – The person would love to talk about politics, and will be adept in getting indulged in gossips. The person will a bit egotistic too, and would talk in an arrogant fashion. They are also known for their intellectual humour.

If the 2nd lord is Moon – The person will be soft spoken, and will have a soft voice too. They will change the topic of conversation easily. They will be adjustable, flexible and also adaptable.

If the 2nd lord is Mars – The person will be straightforward in his/her conversation, and will get easily irritated if interrupted. They also are aggressive in sales, marketing and negotiations.

If the 2nd lord is Mercury – The person will be witty in his conversational skills. They will be quick, fast and practical in decision making too.

If the 2nd lord is Jupiter – The person will be very good at giving advice, and consultancies. They will be soft-spoken, kind, helpful, patient, and a good listener. They are generally modest, and would always avoid talking about themselves.

If the 2nd lord is Venus – The person will use poetic lines, and impressive proverbs in his/her language. Their voices are generally sweet, and always find it difficult to raise their voice even in bad times. They make good Radio/Video jockeys.

If the 2nd lord is Saturn – The person will be a good listener and a reliable person to share secrets with. They stick to what they say, and are sincere in their conversation.

If Rahu placed in 2nd house – The person will be witty, and have a good logical sense. They are good at debating, and to win the debate would use convincing lies.

If Ketu placed in 2nd house – The person will be very knowledgeable and will use philosophical words wherever necessary. They are witty, helpful and also very understanding.

Other interesting information about Speech in Astrology

If the 2nd lord is connected with 3, 6, 8 and 12 lords, the person will have problems with the speech and quality of persuasion.

If the 2nd lord is associated with the 5th and 9th lords, the person will give discourses and speeches in public halls.

If the 2nd lord and the 1st lord are connected, the person will think and speak.

If the 2nd lord is associated with 11th lord and 10th lord, the person will earn through his speech, like marketing or counselling.

Communication Skills and Speech by Moon Signs

If your Virgo friend fails to keep in touch or your Gemini friend acts pricey when it comes to calling you up, don’t blame them. Blame their signs that influence their communication abilities or the lack of it.

Aries: Arians think modern gadgets of communication are only for emergencies. So they will rarely take the effort to write nice long mails or spend on making phone calls to people. If they had their way, they would shout and communicate. So don’t blame them if they are averse to telephones, emails and other such devices.

Taurus: Taurans can act get on your nerves if they are in love with you. In other words, they are dying to communicate to you but have some extremely exasperating inhibitions when it comes to expressing their feelings. So the crucial stuff, they want others to do it on their behalf .

Gemini: Geminis are the kind who pops out of nowhere to write a mail or make a call to you. They make good friends but they don’t believe that one should constantly keep in touch in order to be good friends. Well, as long as they are reliable friends, who cares of mails and calls?

Cancer: Letter writing is an art and Cancerians excel in it. Even if they write two lines in their mail or make a brief call to you, it’s worth re-reading or recalling the conversation a hundred times. No exaggerations, if you want to read a good letter, befriend a Cancerian.

Leo: Leos are not only staunch ‘keep in touch’ aficionados, they are also great communicators. Friends of Leos often compliment on their ability to pen delightful mails that make the day of the reader. So if you don’t have a Leo friend, hurry and make one.

Virgo: Can somebody tweak their ears and remind them about how friends pine to hear from them. Virgos hate to carry over any conversation or spend extra time on the same. So either a) they seldom keep in touch b) prefer the right here right now mode of chat and call.

Libra: Librans are awfully boring when it comes to communication. Their copy is awfully bland and they have the dubious distinction of even making the most exciting outing sound like a big flop in their mails. Matter of fact best describes their mails/phone calls.

Scorpio: Never provoke a Scorpio the wrong way or they will take off on a tirade against you. For them, mails and phone calls are great devices to spew venom. Rarely will you find Scorpios, especially men, sending e-cards or pleasant mails. However, about one per cent of Scorpio women are awfully nice in their mails.

Sagittarius: So what if they are shy when it comes to writing long mails, they can get others do the same for them. So Sagits mails are often full of attachments, sign off lines while in their phone calls they are bound to say, ‘Ok now talk to him for more details’.

Capricorn: Capricorns have the capability of saying things as it is, especially in the written word. Only they rarely get themselves to write. Some of you can write such delightful mails that even five years after somebody read it, they still cant forget your playful usage of words and phrases.

Aquarius: They are among the best communicators because they are to the point, brief and aggressively keep in touch with people who matter to them. So they make good corporate communicators as well as PR people.

Pisces: Pisceans just need a telephone and a good friend and they can talk for hours. They very religious send forward to friends, call up and wish people on their birthdays and are generally nice. However, you need to be in their good books to get them to spend time communication with you.