Decision Making Capabilities of Moon Signs

decision making capabilities in astrologyWhether it was a right decision or a wrong decision is known well after the results are out. A good decision attracts bouquet and a bad one brickbat. And this is one of the reasons people hate to take decisions for themselves, as they feel solely responsible for both good and bad. For many, who otherwise are good at giving advice to others, the experience of decision-making is nothing less than a nightmare!

The decision-making capability of an individual is highly influenced by his/her natal horoscope, and individuals with good planetary combinations in their chart succeed in taking wise decisions most of the time!
In the horoscope/natal chart the 1st house, out of the 12 houses, of an individual’s chart influences the decision-making capability. The planets, which are in the ascendant, or planets that are associated with the ascendant lord, or in which house the ascendant lord is placed, shape the thoughts and the decision of an individual.

If the ascendant is placed in good places/houses, the person will be able to take clear decisions that will be practical and easy to implement.

Bad karma manifests in terms of bad decisions and wrong communication, which invariably aggravates matters instead of solving them.

  • If the 1st lord is placed in a dual sign, people will keep going back and forth over their decisions. For example if the girl wants to get married to a guy she will go on vacillating because her lagna lord or ascendant is in dual sign.
  • If there are too many planets in the 1st house, the person will be confused and emotional as too many energies influence him/her.
  • If the sixth lord is in the 1st house, the person will be his own enemy in decision-making.
  • If the 8th lord is in the 1st house the person will have depression and suicidal tendencies.
  • If the 10th lord is in the 1st house the person will be selfish, practical and will get things done easily.
  • Planets in lagna/ascendant (consider Bhava chart to be more effective) and its influence on individual decision making capabilities !

    Sun : The person will be very clear and moderately quick in decision-making. Will be best in the mornings and will be useful to a large number of people. The only area they will fail to manage well is relationships.

    Moon : They are best in the nights, and quick in decision-making. They are good in group-discussions, and their priority lies in love and pleasing others. They are very sensitive about other’s feelings, and hence cannot act best during a crisis.

    Mars : They are very good in handling crisis, and are very tough and demanding in problematic situations. They are bold, aggressive and to some extent selfish too.

    Mercury : They are snap, fast, practical and will use humour in getting things done. They are best at using logic, numbers and statistics. They are good at managing too. They normally don?t go beyond facts, and using intuition is a bit difficult for them.

    Jupiter : They are best when the situation deals morals, values and judgments. Being truthful they accept reality and take very practical steps. They are helpful, altruistic and look things from higher angle and perspective.

    Venus : They are masters in handling love, marriage and other relationships. They are best in the nights. They are very practical and require moderate guidance once in a while. Once they decide, they stick to their decisions. Most of the advertising people and cine artists have strong streak of Venus in the chart.

    Saturn : They are slow decision makers, and spend most of the time pondering over the same issues. They keep changing their mind, and also decisions.

    Rahu : They are very clever, cunning and calculative in decision-making. They are smart and selfish, and adjust themselves to the situation. They are also good at giving advice.

    Ketu : They are intuitive, flashy and genius like. They are good at situations, which have limited information. They use their intuitive powers to take decisions and solve the problems.

    If no planet is placed in ascendant or 1st cusp, then consider planets aspecting that sign or owner of that sign.

    Decision Making Capabilities of people born in 12 Moon Signs :

    If a group of friends decide on an outing, which sign comes up with an ideal decision?
    Are Cancerians too fickle?
    Are Leos born leaders when it comes to taking decisions?
    Do Scorpios excel only in big decisions?

    Aries: Don’t get carried away with their playfulness. When there is a tough decision to be made, Aries will show skill and class. They will suddenly transform into embodiments of maturity and have the capability of taking into account various sides. They are ideal when it comes to taking decisions regarding people.

    Taurus: They are the kind who take a pen and paper and dash off their problems as mails to Agony Aunt columns in newspapers. They don’t mind taking others advice when it comes to taking a decision. At the end of the day, they do take smart decisions, so you’ve got to give it to them.

    Gemini: Their minds start ticking the moment they sense a tricky problem. So making decisions comes naturally to them. Since one Gemini person always equals two people compared to the other zodiacs, they are also twice as fast in making decisions, and sound ones at that.

    Cancer: Somebody please take them out, give them a coffee and tell them how to go about taking a decision. They are often very fickle and until the last moment, don’t give problems due thought, thus ending up reversing their decisions. Cancerians are not ideal when it comes to taking crucial decisions, whether in their own life, at work or at home.

    Leo: Leos are born leaders and taking a decision is a part of their job profile. Give them the freedom to use their mind power and you will be surprised how soon they can take a decision and execute it. They are ultra confident and have rarely been reported to take wrong calls in life.

    Virgo: Virgos don’t want to go wrong anywhere. Therefore they ensure that they do some homework before making a decision. Don’t be surprised if Virgos want to rush to the library or to their PCs when they need to decide. They just want to see if there have been precedents and want to read how others handled it.

    Libra: Have a Libran as your management head and you can rest assured nothing will go wrong. Perhaps it’s the symbol of the balance, but Librans have the gift of looking at things dispassionately. They may take tough decisions, but never wrong decisions.

    Scorpio: Unless it’s a really important one like how to save the company or what we should do to save his life, don’t involve a Scorpio in silly decisions. These people hate to be choosy in little things in life. Give them big chances and they will excel.

    Sagittarius: While Sagittarians are progressive and often think differently, they don’t hesitate to change their decisions in an instant, if the situation demands it. Do you know of a friend who quit a job and joined back the same place two weeks later? He or she could be a Sagit!

    Capricorn: Capricornians are the best decision makers in the entire zodiac. Their only demand is adequate time. They hate to rush through, even in an emergency, and prefer to weigh the pros and cons. Consider yourself blessed if you have a mature Capricornian to take decisions on your behalf.

    Aquarius: Give Aquarians the menu card in a restaurant asking them to choose the menu and chances are you will go hungry while they are still flipping through the menu card to come up with a starter. These people need help and thankfully, they realize this.

    Pisces: Pisceans are fiercely independent and they feel powerful when they have to take a decision. Again these folks enjoy playing the decision-maker and therefore excel in this role whenever they don it. After the Capris, Pisceans are good decision-makers.