How to find Spirituality in Horoscope

Power of God

Analysing Rasi (D-1), Navamsa (D-9) and Vimsamsa (D-20) charts to find Spirituality in Horoscope

Where did we come from? Why do we live? And where do we go?
These are few basic questions man has always pondered about, and failed to get a credible answer. Some take life as it comes, few get busy with materialistic pleasures, and very few take the risk of understanding life. And the one who takes the risk might reach or might never reach, there is no confirmation, it might take this life or he will have to be born again. The cycle of karma and rebirth can pull the carpet below our feet without our knowledge, and maya the ultimate puzzle indeed can be mystifying.
Whether a person will reach moksha in his present life can be told by analysing his/her natal chart, and here we discuss few combination for attaining NIRVANA!

The main things that have to be analysed are : –

Rasi chart [D-1]
Navamsa chart [D-9]
Vimsamsa chart [D-20]

The Vimsamsa chart, according to Mahrishi Parashara, is mainly used to analyse the spiritual life of a person.
Placement of your 5th and 8th lords (from D-1) in D-20 indicates ‘real’ spiritual inclination.
If those planets are exalted or occupy own sign in D-20, then the native has highest spiritual power.

5,8,9 and 12 houses are considered very important for spiritual life, as they signify the following ..

The 5th house signifies the deity
The 12th house signifies the Guru, and also whether the person will reach moksha
The 8th house signifies occult powers.

Moreover, the lagna lord has to be very strong for a successful spiritual life.

Few other interesting rules for a person to get into spirituality?

*Saturn must be strong and well placed.
*Combination of Moon and Saturn helps spirituality.
*Mars in moon’s house and moon in mars’s house will lead to spiritual life. The aspect of Saturn on moon is also important.
*Also the house of Meena, Vrischika and Kataka are considered important for spiritual life.

Combination of 4 or more planets in one single house is an important rule to predict about a person taking spirituality. This holds true to Gautam Buddha.

If a person has four or more planets with in 30 degrees, the person will take to sanyas. And also almost all the sanyasins have an afflicted 4th fourth.

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