Favourite color and your likes or dislikes

Everyone has some favourite colours and some colours which he/she dislikes. This attraction and repulsion towards colours is an indicator of one’s character.
A person’s character can to a certain extent be judged from his/her likes & dislikes regarding different colours.Colors Wheel Vigbyor

Brown: If Brown is your favourite it indicates a refined, sober and sophisticated personality. You are honest and truthful and love to follow rules and regulations. You have limited friendship and live a sophisticated life.

Black: If Black is your favourite it indicates a gloomy, morose temperament, fondness of solitude, a reserved and moody personality. You are quite authoritative and hate to take orders. You are money minded and spend wisely.

White: If White is your favourite it indicates that you follow the cliché `simple living and high thinking’. You are a lover of beauty and admire systematic work. You desire perfection in everything around you.

Green: If Green is your favourite it indicates that you hate old age and prefer to be among the masses. You hate being alone and generally prefer an escort. You are fond of change and a follower of fashions. State of the art technology is what you have in your life. You lack perseverance.

Blue: If Blue is your favourite it indicates an uncertain temperament, cheerful and morose by turns. You are very sentimental and often impatient. You are not generally capable of routine work, but can do some brilliant work by inspiration and intuition.

Pink: If Pink is your favourite it indicates that you are intelligent and quick-witted. You have a keen eye for detail. You love discipline and systematic work. You gel well with people younger and older to you. You love to crack jokes on others but rarely appreciate the same on yourself. You are a creative person and an egotist of sorts.

Yellow: If Yellow is your favourite it indicates that you have a very imaginative brain. Your thoughts are clear and well organized. You desire to lead the world and end dogmatism. You are generally a shy person and a loner. You are a very reliable person and always have a hidden desire to be appreciated for your efforts (though you do not speak that openly).

Red: If Red is your favourite it indicates that you are quite impulsive. You are strong physically and weak emotionally. Though you have an optimistic approach to life, you don’t hesitate to grumble and complain as well. Your spontaneous nature is assertive; you freely voice your opinions.