Aloe Vera and its benefits

Aloe Vera can be grown in any area and it doesn’t need much supply of water to survive.
It also grows under weather conditions and grows to full size in about 8 months.Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera can be used to cure many health ailments.

1. Aloevera’s Thick Juice/Gel mixed with sugar or candy sugar when consumed will remove excess heat from body.

2. Aloevera’s juice mixed with milk and water will cure acidity and Gonorrhea.

3. Its juice or roots made paste with turmeric mix will cure liver and spleen related problems.

4. Its Gel mixed with vaseline, when applied on blackspots on face and hands will bring them to normal skin color.

5. During burns, heat aloevera leaves and squeeze its juice on burn wounds to give colling effect to skin and this also helps skin to regrow quickly in effected area.

6. Daily morning and evening, consuming 1.5 inch aleovera leaf on empty stomach will remove longterm Constipation.

7. Apply aloevera’s juice on breasts to make kids stop breastfeeding after they grow up enough.

8. Consuming half glass of aloevera juice every day will reduce body weight considerably.

9. Its juice, when applied on skin will reduce sunburns, X-ray burns/marks and also acts as narural sunscreen.

10. It can be used as face pack to get glowing skin.

11. 7 days prior to approximate mensus date, start eating 25-50 gms of aloevera leaf every day to clear all period pains.

12. Its juice mixed with turmeric when rubbed on chest will remove phlegm from lungs.

13. Chewing its leaf or massaging on gums with index finger gently using its Gel will cure bleeding gums and toothache.

14. For wet cough and phlegm, mix 1 spoon of aloevera juice with 1 spoon hony, 1/4th spoon dry ginger powder, 1/4th spoon black pepper powder and consume.

15. For curing piles, eat 30 gms of its leaf daily and apply its Gel mixed with turmeric on piles.

16. Heat aloe vera leaf and squeeze 2-3 drops in ear to reduce ear pain.

17. During eye infection, apply aloe vera paste on eyes and tie a cloth around eyes for 1 hour.
After an hour, remove cloth and wash eyes with cold water.

18. During Sunstroke: Its juice mixed with candy sugar is useful to recover from sunstrokes in summer.

19. Aloevera Hair oil: Its Gel boiled with coconut oil and filtered oil can be applied to scalp daily for thick and long hair.

20. Aloevera gel with turmeric powder can be applied overnight and wash face in the morning to get relief from pimples/acne and stains.