Mercury in various houses of Navamsa Chart

Mercury rules over intelligence, judgement, learning abilities, writing, trading, friends, maternal relatives, accounting, sense of humor, skin, speech etc.
Mercury in various houses of Navamsa Chart D-9

Mercury in various Navamsa owned by different Planets

Mercury in Own house (Gemini or Virgo) : One with the Mercury in own Navamsa will be very lazy, not interested in performing duties, wishing bad for those who are not liked by them, be contemptuous, wicked, troubled by the rulers, soft in disposition, good-looking and fortunate regarding money.

Mercury in Sun Navamsa (Leo) : Native will be interested in sinful activities, does not look attractive, devoid of love from spouse, fond of picking up fights, good at gambling and theft.

Mercury in Venus (Sukra) Navamsa (Taurus or Libra) : Person will enjoy gains from multiple sources, perform heroic deeds, many good friends, virtuous, associated with gentle and good people, interested in meeting learned people, be generous and blessed with good children.

Mercury in Mars (Kuja) Navamsa (Aries or Scorpio) : This person will be famous, physically strong, liberal in disposition, successful, honourable, will win the hearts of friends and virtuous men. But will be troubled by blood disorders, skin allergies.

Mercury in Saturn (Sani) Navamsa (Capricorn or Aquarius) : This native is a bad employee, lack discipline, interested in others’ spouses, have friends with low morals or aethist beliefs. They can make money from writing books, research articles.

Mercury in Moon (Chandra) Navamsa (Cancer) : Native will be good looking but unfortunate regarding spouse and matrimony, devoid of influential persons in society, always busy in mundane affairs, will lose energy and pride with age.

Mercury in Jupiter (Guru) Navamsa (Sagittarius or Pisces) : Native will be devoted to religion and god, be amicable to all, always be happy and host guests frequetly.

Mercury in different houses from Navamsa Lagna (D-9 chart)

Mercury in 1st house of Navamsa : The presence of Mercury in the first house of Navamsa makes them intelligent, wise and blessed with good communication skills. Mercury allows for good conversation and insightful thinking. These natives attract a spouse with a beautiful appearance and nature. Beneficial Mercury allows natives to embark on a matrimonial journey full of wisdom and wealth. They will accumulate good wealth through their marriage arrangement. After a while, they may face debt due to business, and after the birth of their child, they may recover well. Married life is generally successful and peaceful.
If Mercury is in a water or fire sign, the native will have a sense of humor. They can be punitive and abusive if Mercury is afflicted. They can overcome unknown problems in their spiritual quest. Mercury- Rahu combination can work well in the digital world making the native very smart and intelligent who can handle hacking in any system or breaching any security.

Mercury in 2nd house of Navamsa : Their clear and unique way of communication and their understanding of words should be loved by their family members. They will be famous in entire neighborhood, work space, friends and family. Many people will be attracted to them. They will get a lot of support from friends and acquaintances. These natives will attract scholars and people with powerful knowledge. They may develop some worries about first romantic relationship. They should take time to build trust and faith in their romantic relationship. Being patient and considerate is the key to success in married life. Speaking and writing skills will add value to the job. These natives will accumulate a lot of wealth before they reach the age of 36. If Mercury is beneficial, their relationship with their partner will be deep and strong. They will be happy to teach children their wisdom. If Mercury is afflicted, natives may face challenges while expressing their love and passion in their marriage. This false communication can destroy their love relationship and can separate them from their loved one.

Mercury in 3rd house of Navamsa : Mercury in the third house motivates natives to learn new things, read, write and implement new ideas. They will have a big library at home. They like to travel and meet new people. They are very talkative and love to talk to people. Their bond with siblings is strong for anyone to break. They will have a wonderful support from their brothers. Mercury allows the native to express his point of view in the most unique way. These natives marry someone associated with public speaking or journalism or influential in the world of writing. They often travel for education or professional purposes. They are different and this can affect their relationship with their spouse and children. Afflicted Mercury can make natives have half knowledge about things and act like they know it all. It is also because of their different interests in different areas. Sometimes they do not take their love life seriously and are not faithful to their loved one. Often times, they may be confused about their morals and ethics.

Mercury in 4th house of Navamsa : Mercury in the fourth house of Navamsa chakra is an excellent placement. These natives enjoy domestic happiness, joy, warmth and wealth because of their mother. They know what is good and what is bad; Their cognitive ability is very high compared to others. They can inherit great wealth from their parents and build a business empire in the health sector or other social enterprises. These natives will marry someone who is friendly, honest and upright in life. They may be devotees of Lord Siva. Their spouse will love animals and pets, especially dogs. If Mercury is afflicted, the partner of the native may be interested in gossips and nosy. They can damage the feelings and emotions of others, leading to many divisions in the family, especially with native’s mother.
Mercury gives great progress and strength in their work. Local people are often proud of their power and authority in the workplace. They like to control everything in the house, from finances and even making life decisions for their own children. Mercury gives talented and intelligent children for natives.

Mercury in 5th house of Navamsa : Mercury in the 5th House shows many of its qualities in natives. These natives do well in pressure, conflict and manage to cope with any serious problem. They analyze everything in their lives. They love to collect and collate information as a brainstorming process. Their love for speculative business, investing, accounting and finance knows no bounds. Their research skills are useful in related businesses. They earn a lot of money from such companies. They spend most of their money on vacations and travel. They attract a partner who likes to exaggerate and has materialistic targets. Sometimes their partner would have married them just for money and skills. Mercury directs the past life punya of natives towards their children. They are usually are gifted children or child prodigies. Their children could make them proud in literature, cinema, music or science. If the Mercury is afflicted in this home, the native has a problem with children or health problems regarding progeny. They will not have love or have good communication with their spouse.

Mercury in 6th house of Navamsa : Mercury in the sixth house is a moderate placement. This leads to poor memory, senseless appearance and anxiety for no reason. As the sixth house faces obstacles, obstacles and challenges, Mercury in this house can bring some hiccups in early childhood. These natives have no attention or desire to learn or study in school. It may be difficult for them to adapt to the environment. They grow up to be rude and money oriented. Interestingly, a debilitated Mercury gives ability to escape difficult situations in business. They have a great optimal hope in life.
As Mercury is dual natured planet, the result of placement varies depending on the aspect it receives and its associations with other planets. Poor conjunction of placement cause health problems. This shows the history of madness or mental illness in ancestral lineage. They surely have one foul mouthed or insane person in family.
If Mercury is in the sign of Aries, the native can solve his problems in the worst and rawest way. If Saturn is in same sign of Mercury in Navamsa, it can make the native secretive and hideous. If the Moon is also present in same sign, they may be cunning and deceitful in their married life, even with their own children.

Mercury in 7th house of Navamsa : Mercury in the 7th house in the Navamsa Chart makes the natives intelligent, flirtatious, bright and brilliant in nature. They will be respectable, popular, well-built and very generous. Mercury presents a friendly aspect to the native. Each individual who meet them, feels close to the native. Even if they are separated from their loved one, they are always friendly with their partner. These natives can marry someone who may be a poet, journalist, astrologer or tarot reader. It is also possible that their spouse is a doctor. On the contrary, even if the native marries an ignorant person, they will show great wisdom of nature, worldly wisdom and great character. If the seventh house is a sign ruled by Mars, Saturn or the Sun, the native can use intelligence to destroy or dominate their partner. They can use their full understanding of human behavior to harm others, make anonymous calls or threatening calls. If Mercury is debilitated or afflicted in this house, the spouse of the native may be very aware of the outside world, materialistic life and status. They may not focus on raising their children properly.

Mercury in 8th house of Navamsa : This is a good place for Mercury. It makes the natives intelligent and good at palmistry, astrology, and mysticism. Mercury in the eighth house affects sexual interests, opponents, settling abroad and romantic relationships. These natives attract a lot of good fortune from their marriage, they get from the joint account or directly through their spouse. Mercury helps the people to win big through betting, lottery or gambling. They earn a lot of money during Mercury vimsottari dasa or bhukti from hidden resources. Mercury also gives opportunities in occult studies, spiritual activities and astrology. If Mercury is afflicted in this house, the native may be sinful in their thoughts and actions. They often have bad arguments, causing their family life to be unhappy. They get addicted to gambling and stealing. Sometimes they can marry for convinience which leads to a business life without compatibility.

Mercury in 9th house of Navamsa : Mercury in ninth house Navamsa chart natives are virtuous, wise, inspiring and spiritual. Mercury in this house inspires them to be interested in higher studies such as doctorate, linguistics and philosophy. They have incredible patience to expand into any field of study they want. Mercury gives an insatiable thirst for knowledge. They will have great growth in art and music. They have a strong relationship with their older siblings. Mercury helps the native to attract someone who is passionate and spiritual. Their spouses often bring out the inspiring qualities of natives and display to society. Their spouse will be a quick wit, gifted translator and influential teacher in the community. They make good parents and their children will be highly respected by them. People with this Mercury placement pride themselves on their deep knowledge and trust in society. Often they cannot see the big picture and get stuck on the simple things that do not matter. The relationship with their brothers and sisters may be strained after they are married.

Mercury in 10th house of Navamsa : This is a good place for Mercury. As the planet of wisdom, intelligence and communication, mercury works well in the work/professional sphere. Natives with aspected Mercury always look young and beautiful. They will have a beautiful mother, and they will inherit the desire to learn from their mother’s lineage. They like to make friends. They make good leaders and bosses in every business they do.
They can be powerful spiritual leaders or leaders of religious groups, authors of great literary works or journalists. Wherever they go, they are surrounded by people because of their friendly nature and knowledge. They will have respect and reputation in the community. Mercury helps them attract an educated husband or wife with a great family history and career. Their spouse will reach the pinnacle in their work.
When Mercury is afflicted in this house, the native may use skills in a wrong way, such as writing wrong articles, forgery, faking paperwork or lying, or publishing controversial books to create waves in society. Their spouse may not like their behavior leading to the separation. There may also be difficulties with the native’s spouse and mother.

Mercury in 11th house of Navamsa : Mercury in the eleventh house makes the native generous, charming, and pleasant. They will be in many love affairs that grants physical and emotional contentment. Their youth is spent mainly in love life. This also makes them popular in their friends’ circle. Elder siblings of the native will support their work. Their younger siblings can provide financial support to citizens until their jobs are stable. They will make great speakers and writers. Their unique ability to express their thoughts and ideas allows them to make great progress in their careers. Their words of wisdom and intelligence will appeal to many readers and brings them joy. They will be active on social media. Mercury helps to find a soul mate who will be skilled in their career. They will be successful in supporting everything related to family and home.
In marriage, these natives can become poor by loving and doing something special for each other. Natives with Mercury in this house are manipulative to get what they want. So many new ideas are constantly filling their minds that it will be impossible for them to focus on family life.

Mercury in 12th house of Navamsa : Mercury in the 12th house makes natives good at learning new languages. They will go abroad for higher education and research. They will love games that require skill and talent. Their spiritual understanding develops with age. They will have little or no interest in their family. They will live in other countries and make friends. Mercury in this house indicates unexpected benefits. They can marry someone who is not their hometown and inherit their family wealth. Natives like to be brave, virtuous and are a great host.
If Mercury is afflicted or debilitated, native may suffer due to spouse. There may be loss of family wealth or relationship problems. There can be misunderstandings with their children. They may have non-friendly or distant relation with their children. Their children may not be interested in education.