Following Rules and Self Discipline of Zodiac Moon Signs

rules discipline zodiac astrologyVedic Astrology defines attitude of a person based on his/her moon sign and nakshatra.
While Arians and Scorpions believe that rules are not for them, Cancerians and Virgos follow them to the book.
Find out what your moon sign says about attitude in following rules and self discipline.
They also apply to your Ascendant or Rising Sign (Lagna).

Aries : Arians believe we are not made for rules. Instead rules are made for you, for our comfort. So should a rule infringe on their comfort zone, they are ready to say two hoots to it. That’s not to say they flout the rules. They just don’t follow stupid rules.

Taurus : The word rule is sacrosanct. They are as diligent in following rules as they are in setting it. Their world works on rules and frameworks and they believe in having some basic discipline in life. They are followers of the rule book.

Gemini : Geminis use their discretion in following rules. If it’s a rule that allows the physically challenged to use the seats in the buses, they will willingly follow it. But if the officer in the bank insists the form be filled with a red ink pen, Geminis spit on such rules.

Cancer : Cancerians prefer zero confrontation and follow most rules without a second thought. They prefer to simply fall in line and drift along than try to fight it out. They also actively discourage those who flout rules. In fact, they make good rule police.

Leo : Leos are all about change and leadership. If they realise that a rule is causing inconvenience to the general public, they will go all out to get it changed in larger interest. If they find a rule that makes life easy, they will again go all out to make sure people around follow it.

Virgo : Virgos also prefer to go by the book because it saves them time and they can use the same in perfecting their work. However, should the same rule cut into their zest for good and quality work, they are bound to speak up. If it doesn’t work, they don’t mind bending the rules.

Libra : Librans are silent crusaders. Even if they cant stand a rule, they will simply assume a stoic silence and continue to work. Somewhere down the line, they would have brought the change so much that nobody would say they’ve broken the rule.

Scorpio : They belong to the class that believes ‘rules are for morons‘. They are iconoclastic and non-conformists. Never set rules for the Scorpio and expect them to follow it up. They make their own rules.

Sagittarius : Sagittarians are a lot like Scorpios. They don’t like rules, but then they are not vocal about it. They will simply read the rule book, laugh it off and do it their way. For them, bottomlines matter, not rules.

Capricorn : They streamline their personal with professional work. While they steadfastly follow the professional rule book, they snarl at personal rules. To each his own is the mantra in personal life.

Aquarius : They fit into the ‘follow the rule‘ syndrome so easily that you’ll realise how setting up rules and guidelines can make work easy. It is a wise idea to put them on jobs that will demand stringency in rules. They make good Army and defence personnel where rules are meant to followed.

Pisces : They will act cool and even give the impression of being a free spirit who does not need rules. But that’s just a façade. At the end of the day, they will simply fall in line and do what needs to be done. However, they don’t like to be supervised. Give them the rule and leave them alone.

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