How much money can you make

Money Making AstrologyThe amount of money an individual will earn or possess depends upon 2 important factors viz., efforts in the right direction and the dhana yogas in his/her natal chart. But for few people money comes the easy way, some earn through lotteries, and some through programmes ! Here we discuss few astrological rules for money making through efforts and also through luck or game shows.

According to the Maharishi Parashara if the 2nd and 11th lord combines together in the 5th and 9th houses, it will lead to lot of money. In modern parlance we can say that the person will earn in lakhs easily.

If the 2nd and 11th lord combines with 5th and 9th lord and are placed in 5th and 9th houses, it will lead to money in crores.

For the people who make money through lottery or game shows, here are the astrological factors written by our great Indian saints.

The planets should be strong from Indu Lagna. Indu lagna is the special lagna, which is used just to calculate the money and wealth of a person. If the planets from Indu lagna are weak, especially the 2nd and 11th lord, then there will not be much of earnings.

Also the Ekdasamsa chart is used for judging the wealth of an individual.


*First and foremost, there should be a good transit happening; also many planets should be there in Kendras and Trikonas.

*Saturn should be transiting the 5th and the 9th house, and Jupiter must me in Trikona of 2nd and 11th lord.

*The running Dasha and the Bukhti should be of Raja Yoga.

The above points are the most important factors to make instant money, or one can easily say that there will not be huge windfall of money.

The same rules can also be used for athletes and cricketers, who make huge money in endorsements and advertisements.

Moreover, the Ashtavarga points of the 2nd and 11th lord must be more than 24 points. In most cases it will be 30 points.

In Kala Chakra dasa the 2nd and 11th lord from the Dasha must be very strong.

Whether the earned money will be spent intelligently or will be wasted, also depends upon the sign of the 11th lord.

If the 11th lord is in a fixed sign, the money will be saved and spent usefully.

If the 11th lord is in a moving sign it will be difficult to save the money.

If 11th and 3, 6, 8 and 12 lords are connected then money will be wasted and it will be not be much of use for the person.

If the 11th and 4th lord are connected, the money will be used to buy property or to acquire education.

If the 11th lord and 9th lord are connected then money will be spent on gurus, temples and other spiritual activities.

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