Jupiter Combust 2024 May-June in Taurus Vedic Astrology Predictions

Jupiter Combust 2024 happens between 3 May 2024 (23:05 hrs IST) and 3 June (04:23 hrs IST).
During this Jupiter combust 2024, it gets within 11 degrees to Sun and loses its power to deliver positive or negative effects on our planet.
Jupiter Combust 2024 Taurus

During this period of Guru Moudyami in Vrishabha Rasi, positive effects of Jupiter (Brihaspati) will be drastically reduced and people who follow vedic astrology, do not perform any auspicious ceremonies such as buying and selling of properties, initiation of new mantra, weddings, engagements, house warming, launching of new business, new constructions etc.
During these 30 days, another positive planet Venus is also combust across 4 signs.
Jupiter-Venus combustion at same time is not good for any major financial deal, forming of new relationships, entering into matrimony, buying or entering into new house, buying new vehicles.
Jupiter Combust 2024 in Taurus can bring down gold price marginally or keep it stable, reduces positive energy on earth, losses in speculation and trade, setbacks in love.
Trading is good only for those going through extremely positive vimsottari dasa.

Jupiter in Taurus transits through Krittika nakshatra during this combustion period and people born with Moon under Krittika, Uttara Phalguni and Uttarashada nakshatras are devoid of all positivity that Jupiter can offer exclusively for them.
Also, Anuradha nakshatra born face some last minute delays and obstacles in money settlements.
When Jupiter remains ineffective, natural malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn and Mars takeover and give their results at the maximum level.
Angaraka Yoga in Pisces is already causing trouble for many during May 2024 and on top of that, both Venus and Jupiter combust at same time is only good for evil forces.
Social unrest, civil wars, street fights, violence in streets and during elections, corruption, immoral behaviour are commonly seen everywhere.
Justice is delayed for many and even denied for few.
Taurus is hard working sign and in May 2024, hard work, honesty do NOT pay.

Along with all auspicious events, postpone major financial transactions, income tax calculations and payments till 3rd June 2024.
Venus and Mercury conjunct Jupiter in June is good for all pending works, financial transactions and legal settlements.
Also Mars leaves Rahu and enters its own sign, which is good for real estate dealings.
Small time investors and traders need to stay away from speculation.
Sports persons, politicians face corruption charges.
Jupiter moving close to Uranus increases demand for personal freedom, bursts of energy but we need to keep ourselves grounded and have a realistic outlook.
Uranus is impulsive, so it is better to consult experienced persons before taking any major life changing decision.