Mars in various houses of Navamsa Chart

Mars rules over muscle power, discipline, real estate dealings, short term revenge, blood pressure, siblings, litigations, menstrual cycles in women.
Mars in various houses of Navamsa Chart D-9

Mars in various Navamsa owned by different Planets

Mars in Own house (Aries or Scorpio) : One with the Mars in own Navamsa will be very torturous in nature, skilful in sword-fighting or occult, devoid of moral values, will hate women and gentle people.

Mars in Sun Navamsa (Leo) : Native will be miserly, fond of sleeping for long time, troubled by cardiac and blood related diseases, will eat abundantly and be crafty at their work.

Mars in Venus (Sukra) Navamsa (Taurus or Libra) : Person will enjoy sexual pleasures, elders and friends are pleased by them, speak friendly to everyone, be interested in virtuous men and endowed with many attendants.

Mars in Mercury (Budha) Navamsa (Gemini or Virgo) : This person is respectful towards learned people, be wealthy, bold, very liberal, highly energetic, prosperous and very happy. Can make a shrewd businessman.

Mars in Saturn (Sani) Navamsa (Capricorn or Aquarius) : Person will always be interested in sinful deeds, be troubled by diseases of the rectum and eye sight, behave like a wicked person, bereft of affection and always argumentative.

Mars in Moon (Chandra) Navamsa (Cancer) : Native will be radiant in appearance, blessed with happiness and honours, attached to friend and learned people, entertain guests, very calm in disposition, honourable and desirous of the welfare of his kinsfolk. Will make a good leader.

Mars in Jupiter (Guru) Navamsa (Sagittarius or Pisces) : Native will be blessed to enjoy various kinds of food and drinks, be heroic when required, fierce, fond of picking up fights, no litigations or denials and endowed with excellent conveyances.

Mars in different houses from Navamsa Lagna (D-9 chart)

Mars in 1st house of Navamsa : Mars in the ascendant house craves intense passion and aggression in life. They may be involved in some adventurous hobbies throughout their life. The native must be proficient in the use of swords or weapons or mantras (occult). Their special skills in engineering or mechanics can get them well-paying jobs. Mars in this house makes them marry soft and gentle-spoken spouse. But the native would expect their marital partner to be a self motivated, head strong person. The native will be a dominating force in their marital life. They are the ones who decide everything in their house, even their children. Relationship with their in-laws will be moderate or very distant and can cut-off over the years.
If the first house is Mars own sign as people or throat, the may channelize their martian energy in productive ways in their marriage. This native will be an honorable and chivalrous man or a feminist woman with strong values ​​in life. If Mars is afflicted in this house, the native may not be calm and get angry for trivial things with their spouse.

Mars in 2nd house of Navamsa : Mars in the second house gives the native the strongest power. Depending on the house sign and location of the house owner, the effect can be different. Generally, people born with Mars in the second house are control freaks and nitpick everything. They may spend a lot of money on unnecessary things. They are eager to use their money and wealth to impress the opposite sex. These natives will be fond of their family but they control everything in the family. Mars helps to attract a mate and they can be scared and weak. The human dear soldiers were afflicted with their lives and life. They may be unless their children make them disobey the final part of their lives. They may not help or support a child in their old age. If Mars is not bad in this house, the native may ask for simple things and spoil the feelings of others. These disputes lead to a rift between the son-in-law and the native. There may be a struggle for wealth and property sales.

Mars in 3rd house of Navamsa : Mars in the third house makes the natives simple, confident and blatantly honest. It is very difficult for them to lie or deceive someone. They have knowledge about numerous topics and can use this to maximum effect. They like to start a good argument. They will be a person who has great influence in the family because of their great knowledge combined with the power of Mars in this house. If Mars is exalted in this house, the native will get great reward and respect in their work. They will be loved for the way they speak. These people may meet their future partner at their workplace. They will join together in an exciting journey. Sometimes this travel can cause a dangerous situation. If Mars is malefic or afflicted in this house, they may constantly fight with their siblings for the inheritance of property and other family wealth, especially after marriage. They can also be cruel and ruthless in their way of doing things. They hardly shy away from a fight or an argument.

Mars in 4th house of Navamsa : Mars in the fourth house of the navamsa chakra will be a bright, charismatic and loving personality. Their spouse will come from a respectful family in society and and calm with desiring looks. Their married life will be filled with happiness and many honors. They will get a luxury car and a large estate in the fourth or seventh year of marriage. They can go into business during 36th year. They can begin a restaurant or motels with what they inherited. These natives will be the least likely to accept the harm done to their loved ones. They cannot stand dishonesty, lies and hypocrisy. They can inherit more wealth than the money earned on their own. If the house is Aries, Leo or Capricorn, the native may adopt a child. If Mars is malefic or afflicted in that 4th house, the native may hate or emotionally hurt his mother; they may not inherit any wealth from their mother’s side. In some cases, the native’s husband or wife and mother may have a heated argument which affects the happiness of the family. It can even cause blood related problems to the spouse or heart problems.

Mars in 5th house of Navamsa : When the fifth house of Navamsa is occupied by Mars, the native may be sensual, poetic and curious in life. They are always attracted to people of the opposite gender and always try to attract them with their looks and poetry. They can be blessed with sudden wealth, lotteries etc. Their temperament affects their intelligence, especially in romantic relationships. Mars in the fifth house gives both aggressionion and passion in married life. These natives may have strong sexual desires and are often delusional. They can marry a righteous, pious and awesome person. Their spouse is the one who brings out all the rights of the native. If Mars is benefic in this house, natives will be blessed with intelligent and excellent skills.
Mars in the fifth house gives both good and bad effects. On the down side, these natives may annoy their spouses, eat spicy food and have anger management problems. If Mars is afflicted in this house, the native may have many partners and have the lowest degree of integrity in relationships. They may also show this discontempt and anger towards their family members.

Mars in 6th house of Navamsa : This is an excellent place for Mars. This house of Navamsa gives good effect to the native. They will put their brains into everything they do. All their efforts are rewarded, both in personal and professional life. They will see the biggest business success in other countries. Their speed, combined with their aggressiveness, allows them to win great victories over their enemies. Mars in this house helps the native to attract an educated, talented and energetic partner. These natives respect their partner and help them in many household tasks. Will acquire wealth through spouse, who may have a religious view of life, but this cannot affect married life. These natives may be competitive with their own spouse. They could be in competition with other couples of the family or in friend’s circle. If Mars in this house afflicted by negative planets, this competition can turn into jealousy. If this house is well also occupied by benefic Jupiter or Saturn, the native may be blessed with a spiritual guru who guides him towards learning.

Mars in 7th house of Navamsa : When Mars is in the seventh house, it makes the native resilient, short-tempered and reactive. They have a great ability to market and sell anything. They set up successful business overseas, buy real estate in foreign lands and become popular busines person. But if it is malefic in this house, it may be mangal dosha that affects their marriage. Spouse may suffer from chronic diseases or infectious diseases like Tuberculosis. If Mars is exalted and if the seventh house is a friendly sign, then the native will be famous, good at engineering, technology and design. They receive highly rewarding recognition in heir business or profession.
If Mars is weak or debilitated, it leads to great distress and suffering in marriage. They can be physically challenged at birth or develop an injury later. They will be interested in arguments, fights and war. They may not come out of heartbreak, for a long time after their first love fails. They may engage in immoral behavior to earn a lot of money. Their in-laws may abuse them. These natives do not like to talk with their families and it is difficult for them to pay attention to their feelings.

Mars in 8th house of Navamsa : Mars in the eighth house will favor occultism, Vedic science and natural leadership. They are associated with illegal trade or lead bandits or lead networks of illegal activities. Mars in the 8th house can be very sensual. Mars helps marry someone with good character, obedience and duty towards the family. These natives will be well versed in their business or career. They may commit sins or crimes secretly to make a lot of money. They will not show mercy to their enemies. If Mars is exalted in this house, the native earns a lot of money from speculation, real estate and chemical related business. If Mars is malefic in this house, the native will betray others, suffer from insomnia, and often use weapons to injure. They may be deceived by their peers or friends. They may not be able to help their families. These natives will be given land and houses, sons and wealth. But they have affected life span and suffers grief in their last days.

Mars in 9th house of Navamsa : This position of Mars has a positive effect on income, wealth and emotional happiness. But their health a toll from Mars. The impact could be all positive too based on the position of lord of the ninth house. The natives marries a rich and popular person. Their wealth triples after they get married. There may be issues regarding the ancestral property of the native. Their siblings pose inheritance challenges. The native’s extended family may demand a share of property, thereby creating problems between the native and his spouse. They get name and fame through their work. Mars in this house causes the natives to argue with their spiritual teachers, astrologers or tarot readers. They take a lot of time to believe in spirituality or the power of God. These natives will rebel against their family beliefs and traditions. If Mars is malefic in this house, the native may go through slander or made false accusations related to spirituality.

Mars in 10th house of Navamsa : Mars and the 10th makes native logical, competitive and will be winning in all that they do. MARS makes them work in sports, martial arts, and fitness activities. Mars in this house helps the natives to do their best in their work and business. Marriage can also enable them to control their spouse and family. These natives may have anger and stress problems. Presence of other planets in this house can reduce the influence of Mars in the controlling aspect. These natives change a lot after giving birth to a child. They often want to make up for all the love and care they lacked from their father. If a native has a daughter, they raises her to be a brave and courageous woman, without any fear. If the planet Mars is afflicted in this house, the native may have an unreasonable belief in spirituality or family ties. They like to spend their time in hobbies and sports. They may be separated from their families. If Mars is exalted, the native will be competent and confident in duties of married life. They will have a remarkable marriage.

Mars in 11th house of Navamsa : If Mars occupies the 11th house from Navamsa, the native will have good fortune, virtue and courage. They will be lucky in goods, jewelry, grain and male offspring. Mars when conjunct a benefic planet in this house brings joy and happiness in the native’s life, they along with their loved ones will live a life without sorrow. They marry someone who is controversial, strong and powerful. They may be politically connected or come from a family with a political history.
If Mars is afflicted in the eleventh house in Navamsa, the voice of the native will be loud, rough and screechy. They can be ugly and have a lot of hair. They might be impulsive with money and lose most in gambling, poker or lottery. They are addicted to excessive drinking or other crazy habits. If the house is sign of Aries or Capricorn, the native can use his lies to get money and business benefits. They can eat the family inheritance alone without giving it to their brothers and sisters and other legitimate people.

Mars in 12th house of Navamsa : Mars in the 12th house Navamsa natives will be energetic, wealthy and courageous. They will be more active at night than during the day, and this awakens a spiritual desire in them. They are generous people. They will donate a lot to charity and to medical aid. They will be severely disciplined in their spiritual desires and fight for what they believe in. The native will marry someone whose family is dysfunctional, who was brought up alone and least attached to their family. They put their spouse’s needs before their own. Spouse can love her native and be content with what her childhood family lacks. The relationship of natives with their siblings is often affected after their marital relationship.
If Mars is afflicted or debilitated in this house, the native may have blood-related problems or be prone to blood-related diseases or accidents. If the native is female, they may have menstruation issues. There may be permanent health issues during childbirth. If Mars is under malefic association, the native may be cruel and abusive in his marital relations.