Retrograde Mercury Effects Explained, Past Life Connection

Mercury Retrograde is usually for about 24 days with one stationary day, before and after retrogression.
Mercury retrograde happens atleast 3 times in a year.
Retrograde Mercury Effects

Mercury being retrograde in natal chart indicates that these people are slow and deliberate in thinking process, analyzing a situation or problem, and are very cautious in communications.
They take longer than usual time to arrive at decisions. They also reconsider themselves and revive decisions that are already made.
Their thoughts work on sub-conscious level and most of the times, they are seen talking to themselves.
They have problems in communications, frequent repairs to their phones, obstacles in transportation, typos, misprints etc.
Their businesses slow down due to delays in traffic, late arrivals of goods.
People in fields of communication, courier service, astrology, education, mediation or negotiation, lawyers, stock brokers, travel industry, media, medicine will face frequent problems if they are born with retrograde mercury.

If one is an astrologer with retrograde mercury, they are good at analysis part but fail in predictions.
Most of their work is held up during transit mercury being retrograde and reasons can be sickness, delay in transportation, equipment breakdowns or repairs, failure of negotiations etc.

During Mercury’s stationary period, new ideas and plans evolve in their minds, but most of them convert into results only after Mercury crosses the point by direct motion, at which it started retrograde motion in the past.
This stationary and retrograde period of mercury is best time to consider all possible outcomes of current plan(s), their pros and cons.
The frustrating experience of stationary and retrograde mercury is actually a blessing in disguise, as they can take care of all details of unfinished tasks and business affairs started when Mercury was in direct motion.

Once Mercury becomes direct, all that was stuck will move with rapid pace and confidence is grown in all undertakings.

Mercury Retrograde and Past Life Karmic Connection

If Mercury retrograde is in your chart it is likely that you were once scorned for speaking out; perhaps your words incensed a riot. Mercury retrograde symbolizes that you are afraid to say the wrong thing and that you don’t feel assured of your own intelligence.
To master this life lesson, you should believe in your intelligence and the power of your communication skills.
Practice public speaking and celebrate the achievement of speaking to a group.