Saturn in Cancer, aspected by other Planets

Saturn Cancer AspectsSaturn if placed in Enemy sign of Cancer and aspected by Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter or Venus delivers different results according to Vedic Astrology.
These aspects should be measured from an individual horoscope casted based on their accurate birth details.
If someone has these aspects or combinations, and if those planets conjunct or aspect during their transits, these results are prominently experienced.
For them to yield actual effect, deliverable vimsottari dasas should be experienced by then native.
However, intensity of these results are controlled by other factors like position of Ascendant lord, combination or aspects of other planets, retrogression, conjunctions of Nodes (Rahu, Ketu), combustion of Saturn or aspecting planets etc.

Saturn in Cancer, aspected by Sun

Most of them lost father during childhood or before birth.
Lack of sufficient money and comforts throughout life, bad relation with spouse or no marriage at all, malnutrition, does sinful acts for living.
For Sun to aspect Saturn in Cancer, it has to be in Capricorn, which is its inimical sign.
Most of them with Saturn in Cancer have struggled for a comfortable life during their childhood and youth. Saturn gives them a settled life only from middle age.
Native will be forced to experience karmic effects which are being carried from past lives.

Saturn in Cancer, aspected by Moon

Native will cause some harm to mother right from his/her birth.
Most of the mothers who delivered kids with this combination, have suffered during or post delivery.
These effects will be more if Saturn is in Pushyami nakshatra and Moon in Uttarashada nakshatra.
Saturn-Moon aspect or conjunction usually effects lymphetic glands, which are important for the proper functioning of the immune system, acting as filters for foreign particles and cancer cells.
They will day dream about their life and when it fails, mental agony will be unbearable.
Frequent cold, Phlegm formation, Eosinophilia, mental sickness, nervous weakness, lack of Vitamin B in body, pain in legs (below knees) are also caused by this aspect.
Their opinions will be unstable and illogical. But when someone proves them wrong, they will react hysterically.

Saturn in Cancer, aspected by Mars

This combination can lead to recognitions from rulers or administrators, physical disability, wealthy but bad spouse or bad in-laws.
If Mars in Bharani nakshatra aspects Saturn in Cancer, spouse will dominate native. Can abuse physically too.
If Mars in Dhanishta nakshtra’s 1,2 quarters of Capricorn, native will get recognition for their talent from government officials.
If Mars is in Sagittarius and in either Moola or Uttarashada nakshatras aspecting Saturn in Cancer, native can suffer from some kind of physical disability. (Most with six fingers in a hand have this combination).
In Poorvashada nakshatra, native can escape from this bad effect and can also gain monetarily.

Saturn in Cancer, aspected by Mercury

Harsh talk, over talkative, self praising, can help others to win over enemies etc.
Mercury in Capricorn will aspect Saturn in Cancer. Mercury is responsible for speech, hand writing and communations.
Saturn’s aspect on it can make the native talk without any inhibitions and sometimes hurt others too.
These effects can be seen more if Mercury is in Dhanishta nakshatra.
If Mercury in Sravana nakshatra aspects Saturn in Cancer, they will be popular among masses. Due to their honest talk, people will regard them as leader.
Only side-effect would be that native will never stop boasting about themselves or their ancestors/family.
Even if their great-grandfather donated a penny, they will publicise it as 10000 bucks !

Saturn in Cancer, aspected by Jupiter

Jupiter is natural benefic. But it will deliver good effects by aspecting Saturn in Cancer only from Pisces or Scorpio.
Especially if Jupiter is in Poorvabhadra nakshatra aspects Saturn in Cancer, native will have pure mind, fear of god but few of them can do sinful acts secretly.
If Jupiter is in Anuradha nakshatra of Scorpio and Saturn in Punarvasu nakshatra of Cancer, native will have good income from spouse, well settled family etc.
If Jupiter is in Capricorn and aspects Saturn in Cancer, native will have bad reputation in society but still can enjoy a comfortable life.
These effects can be seen more if Jupiter is in Uttarashada nakshatra.

Saturn in Cancer, aspected by Venus

Born in good family, but lacks beauty and comforts, happiness in life.
Here, Venus in Capricorn is totally controlled by Saturn. Few of them can stoop to lower levels for sexual relations, love affairs etc.
Most of these effects are seen when Venus is in Sravana nakshatra.
If native is born in Capricorn ascendant and has Venus in 1st house aspecting Saturn in 7th house, they will be born in family of good reputation but will be forced to live in poverty at some stage of life.
But they cannot disclose this to the society of friends.
False prestige will ruin their lives.