Sandalwood Homemade Natural Remedies

Sandalwood AyurvedaSandalwood health benefits, Syrup to avoid overheat, excess body heat, Diarrhoea, Improving sexual stamina, Indigestion, Ring Worm, Piles, Improves appetite, Body strength and fragrance, peace of mind etc.
Sandalwood is a yellow, heavy, fine grained and aromatic tree. It grows in diverse climates and has been grown in India at least 2000 years and is considered sacred by people. sandalwood is valued for it’s fragrance and is used to make perfumes, lotions, and incense and medicine.
Also known as Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) is found in the tropical dry deciduous forests of India, the Lesser Sunda Islands of Indonesia, and Arnhem Land of northern Australia. It is also used to make toys, furniture, garlands, beads and even as funeral pyre.

Sandalwood is an evergreen parasitic tree that grows from pacific to eastern Indian ocean regions, from sea level to elevation of 8000 feet. There are about 16 species of this tree in the world. Indian sandalwood is the best since it has the most oil content and is very aromatic.

Varieties of Sandalwood used in Ayurvedic Medicines

White sandalwood: It is bitter. sweet and has cooling effect on the body. It is very fragrant and pleasing. It reduces overheat in the body, and eliminates toxins from the body. It slakes the thirst and purifies blood. It kills worms and improves minerals in the body.
Red Sandalwood: It is acrid and bitter tasting and cools the body. It is good for controlling blood pressure in the body. hence people in ancient times used to make tumblers with red sandalwood, and drank water from it. It is excellent remedy for the extreme overheating in the body. It is also good for eyes and adds radiance and glow to the skin.
Sappanwood (Kuchandanam): It is yellow in color, bitter in taste and aromatic. It is good for curing sores and facial diseases.

Medicinal uses of sandalwood

  • For improving sexual stamina in male
    Take 6 grams each of white sandalwood powder, coriander powder, gooseberry bark powder. To this add 12 grams of hear-leaved moon seed (Tinospora cordifolia) powder. Add this powdered mix to 250 ml of water in the evening and keep aside till morning. Filter this in the morning, add 30 grams candy sugar powder and consume it. Regular usage of this dose at least for 40 days boosts sexual stamina in male by eliminating various sperm defects.
  • For piles
    Take 6 grams of each of red sandalwood powder, Kariyat powder, Nutgrass (heavy mustalu) grind together into fine powder and mix with water. Boil this water till half of it remains and filter it. Drinking half of this decoction twice a day cures even bleeding piles gradually.
  • For Ring worm (Skin infection)
    Mix sandalwood powder with coconut oil and make a paste. Apply this on infected part due to ring worm at night and wash with water early in the morning. Repeat this five to six times to cure it.
  • Blood diarrhoea
    Take 3 grams of sandalwood powder. Add this to water obtained by washing rice in it. Add sufficient quantity of sugar and honey to this. Drinking this water twice a day cures blood diarrhoea, thirst and overheat.
  • For Summer Heat and Bad Body Odour
    After taking bath, apply sandalwood paste on body. It cools the body, removes bad smell and makes the skin fragrant. It beats the heat and thirst in summer.
  • Sandalwood for herbal drink
    To five litres of water add 250 grams of sandalwood powder. Heat this water on low flame and continuously stir it, till half of it remains. Add 1kg of candy sugar and heat it again, to get sugary syrup. Pour this in bottle and store in a cool place.
    Everyday consuming 10 grams of the syrup mixed with 50 ml of water gives relief from excessive thirst, overheated body, vomiting and fever due to indigestion. It also improves appetite, and gives strength and peace of mind.