Ayurvedic recipes for WEIGHT LOSS

weight loss recipesAyurveda prescribes home made and natural recipes to lose weight quickly without any side effects.

Recipe No.1:
Horse gram : Softly boiled.
Start with 20 to 25 gm and gradually increase to 50 to 100 gm. Take in the Morning and Evening. Can add onion and chilly pieces along with seasoning.
Take butter milk and barley for reducing heat generated due to above food.
Excess fat in Stomach reduces and excess weight will be reduced.

Recipe No.2:
Collect and store rain water before reaching ground in a container other than plastic.
Add ¼ sp good turmeric powder to half glass rain water and take early in the morning. Do not take food for one hour.
Good relief from excess weight within 3 to 6 months.

Recipe No.3:
Food to be taken at night for weight reduction:
Take old rice, Jowar (Sorghum), old wheat, Moong dal (Mung bean), horse gram, barley seeds in equal proportion. Soak them overnight, dry them in the morning. Add little by little quantity in pan and fry them. Later powder the contents and store.
Prepare roti and take them in the nights as food.

Recipe No.4:
Warm water : 1 glass
Triphala powder : ¼ spoon

Honey : Little

Mix the above and take for one week. During second week increase Triphala powder to 1/2 spoon and third week to 3/4 spoon and fourth week to 1 spoon powder. Take the above composition two times a day for atleast 40 days.
Along with the above use Anga ragam (bath powder) also.
Mix Terminalia chebula (Black Myrobalan or Chebulic Myrobalan or Haritaki or Karakkaya) powder, tender neem leaves, mango bark powder, pomegranate bark powder and lodhra ( SYMPLOCOS RACEMOSA ) bark powder equally and store.
Take 3 tsp to 4 tsp or as required and add milk to the powder. Apply the paste to those areas where excess fat prevails. Can also apply to dark circles, dark regions, spots etc. Wait for an hour and take bath. Body fat reduces, and natural beauty increases.

Recipe No.5:
Black Babool tree leasves : Soak in water and make paste.
Haritaki  : Make powder and then paste.
Apply paste of babool tree leaves to entire body. After 15 min apply haritaki paste. Take bath after drying.
Excess fat reduces and smell of sweating vanishes.

Try any one method regularly and you will lose weight within 4 months.
Most effective is the Recipe 1 with soaked horsegram, which works quicker than other.