Sublord of 9th Cusp Placement and Results

9th cusp sublordMATTERS DENOTING THE 9TH CUSP (BHAVA) by placement of its Sublord in Krishnamurti Paddhati

1. Longevity of father: – For the long life of father, if the 9th cusp sub lord signifies the houses other than 9th 11th 1st and the 6th houses, gives long life to father. The rule in K.P is, the houses 3rd and 10th and the Bhadhakasthanas reckoned in terms of moveable 11th house, fixed 9th house and 7th for common sign gives long life. For a Mesha lagna native, the 9th house indicates the father and his longevity. Therefore the 9th cusp sub lord should not signify the houses 9-11-1-6th houses.

2. If the sub lord of 9th cusp sub lord signifies the lagna and 11th of the native, paternal properties are sure.

3. The 9th cusp sub lord is connected to3rd 9th and 10th, indicates pilgrimage and journey to holy places. The 10th cusp sub lord has to signify the 9th and 3rd.

4. WHO IS AN ASTROLOGER ? If the sub lord of the 9th cusp is deposited in the star of a planet signifying 2nd 9th and 11th one can become a successful astrologer. In addition Jupiter and Moon should be connected to 9th and 12th in any manner like conjunction or aspect to the 9th and 12th or through sub lord connections

5. LONG TRAVEL: – If the 9th cusp sub is connected 9th and 12th, it indicates long travels including overseas.

6. Higher Education is seen through the 9th cusp sub lord. If the sub lord signifies the 4th and 9th, one gets higher studies provided the 9th sub lord is not afflicted and occupies any of the barren signs such as Mesha, Mithuna, Simha or Kanya rasis ones education will be poor. If the 9th cusp sub lord signifies the 11th house, there is success in the higher education