Transit MARS in Aspects to Natal Houses

Mars transit Natal HousesNatal house is the sign where your LAGNA or Ascendant was placed during birth time, and from there other houses are calculated clock-wise.
If you were born with Lagna or Rising Sign in Leo, then your natal house is Leo (Simha Lagna) and during transit, Mars forming conjunction (in leo), in 2nd house (Virgo), in 3rd house (Libra)… till in 12th house (Cancer) are discussed in this article.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 1st House : Focus will be on vitality and competitiveness. You will fight for your own rights. Self confidence will be high.
You will also be impulsive, adventurous and health conscious.
Afflicted Mars can make you head strong, selfish, self assertive, aggressive and quarrelsome.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 2nd House : Money and materialistic posessions will be on your mind.
Do not be over touchy about beliefs, opinions and desires. Avoid impulsive shopping.
Afflicted Mars can lead to theft, dispute over properties.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 3rd House : Aggressive behaviour can lead to arguments. There will be involvement in intellectual competition, debates etc.
Conflicts with close relatives and neighbours are possible.
Afflicted Mars leads to accidents, mental instability, irritation, trouble due to harsh speech.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 4th House : There can be lot of physical activity at home. Your past can influence behaviour patterns and attitude.
Quarrels within family possible due to emotional problems.
You must honor feelings and aspirations of others.
Afflicted Mars can cause fire accidents and injuries in fights.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 5th House : You will be insensitive to romance, children but become aggressive in sexual activities.
Sexual jealousy is also possible.
Creative interest in sports can be developed. Best time to put plans into action.
Afflicted Mars can lead to sexual molestation. It can also make you find entertainment in violent ways through movies, television, internet, sports etc.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 6th House : Ego driven can make you dissatisfied with employees and co-workers.
There will be more than enough concentration on physical work.
You will like disciplined lifestyles and training of police, military, sports persons.
Afflicted Mars can create infections, injuries, nervous strains, occupational hazards etc.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 7th House : You will be aggressive, self-centered towards partners, business and others in general.
If partner does not agree to your needs, there will be open confrontation.
Benefic Mars can bring more energy while afflicted one results in physical conflicts.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 8th House : You will try to enter into joint financial deals and revive dead businesses.
Ego can create confrontations with someone who wants to make changes in business patterns or lifestyles.
Family members can waste money and this leads to arguments.
Afflicted Mars can lead to extra-marital relations, occult and secret affairs.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 9th House : Your religious and philosophical views will be appreciated.
Ego can make you lose sympathy and respect of others.
Few people can travel for adventure, business etc.
Afflicted Mars can lead to accidents at distant places and legal issues.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 10th House : Ego will take over your judgement while dealing with profession.
You will try to force opinions and ideas on others.
This transit arouses desire for fame, status and prominence.
If trying to quit a job and start own business, a benefic Mars can help now.
Malefic Mars leads to conflicts and losses at work.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 11th House : This is best time to plan for tomorrow.
Usually ego centered Mars tries to work alone but due to 11th house transit, it will make you try and dominate others in group activities.
Afflicted Mars tries to project yourself in false way as a fighter, humanitarian etc.

Transit Mars conjunct Natal 12th House : Secretive, behind the scene activities are promoted.
Irritation develops as you will not get credit for work done.
Also you will be exposed for lies and false statements in past.
Many will try to crush your ego in public.