Transit Pluto through Natal Houses

Natal house is the sign where a planet was originally placed during your time of birth.
If Pluto was placed in Virgo in your personal horoscope, then Pluto transit through that sign (Virgo) is called Transit Pluto through Natal 1st House and remaining houses are counted clock-wise. When Pluto transits Capricorn, it is Transit Pluto through Natal 5th House.
Transit Neptune Natal Houses

Transit Pluto through Natal 1st House : Personality will be gradually reshaped. There will be fundamental, constructive changes and improvements at all levels due to your will power.
There will be gains from corporate sector. There will be interest in astrology, yoga, occult and spirtuality.
Afflicted Pluto can make you head strong and not care for sentiments of others.

Transit Pluto through Natal 2nd House : Money and possessions will be used for regeneration and changing lifestyle.
Huge changes in business will help acquire more wealth.
Old and discarded material will be reused. Corporate business, financial investments, handling of others money will help.
There will be some relation with occult and technology business.
Afflicted Pluto can make you dishonest and be a victim of frauds.

Transit Pluto through Natal 3rd House : Changes at intellectual level will occur. You will seek to reform siblings, neighbours and friends.
Telepathy can be used for works of espionage and other secret activities.
There will be inclination towards ancient science, unexplored subjects and unexplained phenomena.
Do not enter into any deal impulsively and take care during travel, especially if Pluto is afflicted.

Transit Pluto through Natal 4th House : Fundamental changes at emotional level happen. Reforms in family and reconstruction or change of house are indicated.
Afflicted pluto can bring devastating results like divorce, seperation or sudden death of family member(s), destruction or change of house due to natural calamities.

Transit Pluto through Natal 5th House : You will go for big changes in creative self expression, pleasure and social activities.
Sexual drive is aggravated and love affairs are intense. Better not maintain them for long term.
Afflicted pluto indicates losses in specualtion, business, partnerships, sexual aberrations in romance etc.

Transit Pluto through Natal 6th House : There can be a huge change at work place or complete shift of career.
There will be interest in joint businesses, advanced science and technology. People will trust you to keep their secrets.
If working with intelligence and spy agencies, this is best period.
Afflicted Pluto can bring health hazards at work.

Transit Pluto through Natal 7th House : Important changes in attitude towards others and personal relationships.
Old partnerships, marriages, relations dissolve and new ones are formed.
Relationship with people of strong will power and dynamism spark the power struggle for supremacy.
You will form new relations with secretive and mysterious people who will go on to dominate later.
Afflicted pluto leads to conflicts and law suits at work, finance, inheritance and insurance.

Transit Pluto through Natal 8th House : Old conditions and people will make way for new ones.
You will develop interest in occult, reincarnation, afterlife and spirit communication.
Afflicted pluto indicates sudden death of a close person and secret income.
Suffering due to wars, natural calamities, revolutions in society.

Transit Pluto through Natal 9th House : You will be more intuitive and show interest in occult, transformation of society.
Few will understand intuitive meanings of scriptures and try to transform religious, educational, social and philosophical system.
They will travel externsively for this purpose and also get support from people and government.
Modern technology and foreign support will be used for business.
Afflicted Pluto gives no clear understanding of religion and spirituality, leading to insults in public life. Also accidents are possible in journeys.

Transit Pluto through Natal 10th House : Determination and will power increases to achieve ambitions.
New technology is used to achieve success in business. You will try to keep everything larger than life for status and reputation.
You may assume that political strength and power are key for success.
Afflicted pluto makes you lose fortune due to dishonesty.

Transit Pluto through Natal 11th House : Transformations in friendships, groups and objectives happen quickly.
You will seek purposeful friendships and will be attracted towards successful people.
You intense desire to transform present conditions will make you adapt new technologies. Loans can be raised to meet targets.
Government funding is possible.
Afflicted pluto makes you dishonest towards friends.

Transit Pluto through Natal 12th House : Removal of old psychic beliefs and regeneration of new ones.
Meditation etc will be used to change past habits. You will extend help to les fortunate people.
Afflicted Pluto indicates involvement in secret sexual activities, political intrigues and power struggle.
There will be danger from secret enemies, psychic malpractices, and will have to face legal issues.

As Pluto spends about 21 years on average in each sign, a human being may not see beyond transit pluto through natal 5th house.
Effects from transit through rest of the houses are applicable for countries, states, cities, organizations etc.