Transit SATURN in Aspects to Natal URANUS

Natal Uranus is the sign where your Uranus was placed during birth time, and from there other houses are calculated clock-wise.
If you were born with Uranus in Scorpio, then your natal house is Scorpio (Vrischika Rasi) and during transit, Venus forming conjunction (in Scorpio), sextile (aspect of 60° which are Capricorn and Virgo in this case), square (aspect of 90° which are Aquarius and Leo here), trine (aspect of 120° which are Pisces and Cancer here), opposition (aspect of 180° which is Taurus here) are discussed in this article.
Conjunction is transiting through same sign as in birth chart, sextile is transiting 3rd or 11th house, trine is transiting 5th or 9th house, opposition is transiting 7th house from natal sign.
Saturn transit Natal Uranus
Transit Saturn conjunct Natal Uranus : Tensions, sudden actions and responsibility towards friends, groups and organizations are the key notes of this transit. The native wants to do new things in life and he wants to escape the dull routine, but Saturn creates oppressive situations. Thus the tension mounts up and suddenly the native breaks up for freedom by leaving everything without letting know any one. This is so if both the planets are not happily placed in the natal chart. When otherwise then the native may constructively involve new methods and technologies into his professional affairs. The native may apply original ideas and intuitive inspiration practically for scientific and mathematical work and may accomplish the difficult tasks now in this transit, if he is able to bear up the mounting tensions. Works of great concentration may be undertaken now which would rather be impossible at other times. Mounting tension and hard labor may make the native physically ill and thus changes at the fundamental level ensure now.

Transit Saturn Sextile Natal Uranus : Future planning with a balance between the old and new ideas characterize this transit. A time to use new methods and technologies by studying analytically their advantage over the old ones. The native may get opportunities to progress in scientific and engineering research and new methods of managements. Natives interested in occult subjects may intuitively explore the new possibilities.

Transit Saturn Square Natal Uranus : Unexpected changes, tensions, upsetting conditions and nervous strain characterize this transit. The native faces reversal of fortunes and obstructions in application of his creative ideas. The individual should refrain from fanatism and inconsistency in professional affairs. The native may encounter selfish and inconsistent attitudes from friends and groups and also mistrust towards the native or from the native. Thus the relation may undergo changes and may even break up. There may be legal difficulties regarding joint finances, insurances, inheritances, alimony etc. The native is inconsistent in work and seeks freedom from responsibility. The native may face health problems such as bone fractures, dental problems, skin and nervous irritations and difficulties with blood circulation.

Transit Saturn Trine Natal Uranus : Balance, stability and practical application creative ideas characterize this transit. The native makes steady progress successfully by creating a balance between the old and the new and gains deeper insight and understanding of universal, scientific and occult laws. The native may explore in the fields of science, philosophy, astrology, parapsychology and other such disciplines. The native realizes his goals through friends, groups and older individuals. The native is keen to use new methods and technologies and is known as a reformist and he tries to regenerate and reshape the existing political, legal or business structure. The native may gain now through corporate business, insurances, goods of the dead etc. A good period to go for professional changes patiently without overthrowing everything.

Transit Saturn Opposition Natal Uranus : Obstinacy in general and inconsistency in responsibility are the key notes of this transit. The native is rebellious towards authorities and wants others to obey him. The native feels insecurity for his inconsistency. The native may also invite troubles in all relationships due to his attitudes. The native may destroy his business, political and professional affairs due to his eccentric and impractical approach. The main sources of troubles now are ulterior motives and selfishness either from the native or from others. An unfavorable period for corporate affairs, inheritances etc. with legal difficulties.