Venus Retrograde Combust 2023 July-September, Effects

Venus Retrograde Combust 2023 in Leo-Cancer signs happens during July-September. Venus, the planet of love and beauty turns retrograde at 07:01 IST on 23 July 2023 in Leo (Simha Rasi) and re-enters Cancer (Karkataka Rasi) at 15:13 IST on 07 August 2023.
Venus Retrograde Combust 2023

During this transit, Venus gets into close proximity with Sun and gets combust between 13:49 IST on 08 August till 19:12 IST on 18 August 2023.
Retrograde Venus is combust when it is within 8 degrees from sun, while direct Venus is combust when it is within 10 degrees from Sun.
Many astrologers do NOT consider this difference and take 10 degrees seperation even when Venus is Retrograde. This causes difference of dates and timings for Venus combustion.
Venus retrograde 2023 ends at 06:46 IST on 04 September, while it is transiting Aslesha nakshatra in Karkataka Rasi.
Venus remains in stationary mode for sometime after this and then re-enters Leo (Simha Rasi) at 21:52 IST on 01 October 2023.

During this period, Mercury Retrograde in Leo is conjunct Venus, while Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius opposes them and also directly aspects them.
Jupiter Retrograde in Aries does not effect Venus until October 2023 but Mars conjunct Venus + Mercury, opposed by Saturn during July-August causes unexpected issues for Leo , Aquarius moon sign and ascendant born natives.
Kids born during August 2023 will be be famous for their deeds, but this will not be for good. Their fame (unpopularity) will spread faster in young age but they remain dissatisfied about money earned.

Venus, the planet of Love retrogrades roughly once every 18 months for around 40 days at a time, wreaking havoc on everything it rules : relationships, affection, love, sexual relations, money, pleasure, comforts and art.
This is NOT a good time to get married, begin enter a new relationship, new investments or get a makeover.
Generally, people born with retrograde Venus tend to have unrealistic dreams about Love and end up with broken relations.
Transit retrograde Venus is not actually bad for love to everyone. It will bring up underlying issues that need to be addressed and healed. Situations might feel super hard in the moment, but if addressed properly, they will clear up quickly and open doors for better chances in future.
If a relation was never destined to develop or stay for longer term, Venus will end it during these 43 days.
For a very few people, Venus will also bring back their ex-love. This is done to clear up the remaining karmic baggage between them or to reunite if they have issues sorted out already,
People born with Retrograde Venus cannot enjoy simple things liked by others, like music, art, humour, nature, relations etc. They act too mechanical in relations.
They tend to remain lonely, assume that they are not loved by any and develop frustration. During transit Venus Retrograde periods, they find themselves restricted, slowed or tied down in love, financial and all materialistic affairs.
Their idealistic views about family, love etc make them end up as failures in life.

Venus Combust 2023 Dates Vedic Astrology
Venus combustion (Sukra Moudyami) which happens between 13:49 IST on 08 August – 19:12 IST on 18 August 2023, will further test ‘real‘ intentions in relations.
This combustion devoids everyone of guidance towards the right path as Venus is one of the natural benefic planet (other being Jupiter).
When we cannot see Venus we are “without guidance” and this is also called Venus Eclipse.
Venus is the planet of Value (Love and Relations). When it is invisible or retrograde, it is harder to determine the true value of anything.
During this period, which is called as Sukra Moudyami , Positive effects of Venus will be drastically reduced and thus people who believe in astrology, will not perform any auspicious ceremonies during this time such as weddings, engagements, house warming, launching of new business etc.
Also avoidable are changing or joining new job, moving to a new house, change of work place, interior designing at home or office.
This ‘Venus Eclipse‘ can be seen couple of hours after sunset in west direction. Venus appears as a small black spot on Sun.

Venus retrograde in Leo-Cancer is bad for those born with Moon in Aquarius. Due to Saturn in Aquarius opposing Venus, Mars, Mercury in Leo, their intelligence will be low. They cannot analyze or judge a situation properly.
This applies to future of anyone born during August 2023.
Venus opposing Saturn until 07 August and later again from 1st October 2023 can give luxurious lifestyle, multiple affairs, drug abuse, varieties of food and liquor to many born with Moon in Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn.
Only those born in moon signs of Aquarius and Pisces cannot have such lifestyle during those days.
However, Pisceans have favorable Venus during 07 August – 30 September, but whatever comes into their lives is temporary.

Politically, this transit is bad for India, New Zealand, Ireland, South Korea and many African countries.