Winter Styling trends for 12 moon signs

styling for 12 moon signsWhy people are drawn toward street wear, retro or psychedelic colours, while many refuse to look beyond the minimalistic look?
Yes, your moon sign in astrology does reveal a lot about you and the choices you make.


Fire sign Aries, you can pull of anything whether it is a designer dress or something picked off the street. Since the stars favour you, take out the clothes at the back of your cupboard and layer up. It will not only keep you cosy through the winters, but also make you look trendy.


Taureans are going to be in for a rough winter, as they are both choosy and have rather lavish tastes. Our recommendation would be to go buy that one expensive and very warm jacket that you have always fantasised about thus solving both of your problems.


A Gemini is generally locked between two choices, being indecisive in regards to what to wear. Since it is so hard for you to come to a conclusion, don`t allow yourself the privilege of having options. Keep your choices to a minimum. Invest wisely on a maximum of 2-3 jackets so as to reach a decision faster every morning.


The inherent quality of Cancerians, of being moody puts them in quite a fix when it comes to dressing up. With their frequent fluctuations in temperament, whatever they wear everyday becomes a problem for them at some point during the day. To avoid the frustration, be different this winter, go psychedelic. No matter what your mood, there will always be a colour on you to please you so.


The Lions are perfect for winter dressing. Winter clothing is characterised by deep colours such as grey, dark blue and the likes and since these are just the colour preference of Leos, they have nothing to worry about.


All Virgos are rather particular about their clothes. They will not wear anything which even looks a little shabby. Therefore, there is only so much use they make out of their clothes. Instead of dropping bundles of money on expensive jackets, buy a few sweaters and be economical. Use and dispose.


A Libra is the best person to have around when you need to decide upon how many layers to wear on a particular day. They are always perfectly dressed, prepared for any weather fluctuations. Our fashion advice to you is to wear clothes you are most comfortable in and the compliments won`t stop.


As Scorpios are daring and experimental they can go two ways depending on how much they are ready to shell out for new clothes. You can either go retro and wear the oldest of your clothes and still look sexy or splurge all your savings on that new fashion look you have had your eye on and steal the show this winter.


We know you aren`t the dressing up kind but this year`s winter chill is a little hard to ignore. Drop all the other things which are taking your attention away from your attire and go on a rampage through your wardrobe along with a shopping spree. It`s about time!


Capricorns are seen to be very finicky about their apparels. They don`t appreciate synthetic clothes and will avoid them as much as they can. This leaves you very little to choose from and generally leaves you with quite a hole in your wallet. Thus, buy a leather jacket or pure woollen sweater which will go with everything, keep you warm and nurse your natural fabrics OCD.


An Aquarius is a simple dresser, rarely seen in elaborate garbs. Seems like you are in luck this winter. Grab those knit wear sweaters which everyone seems to be obsessing about. They suit your style and are in fashion, what more could you ask for?


Pisces have a shoe fetish. They can`t have enough of footwear. Capitalise on this quality and buy all the boots you can find. This goes for you too boys; boots can look great if paired well. The only problem is their other fascination that of wearing clothes with different kinds of cuts. Try avoiding this condition till May, when you can embrace the cuts with the warm summer sun.