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Ayurvedic Natural Cure for Pimples or Acne

Pimples, Causes and Natural Remedies

Pimple Acne cure in AyurvedaPimples are a great cause of concern to both men and women. These are cause by excess oil getting trapped beneath our skin. Our skin cells are shed at regular intervals, to rejuvenate the skin. Sometimes the dead cells may be left behind and mix with sebum to block the skin pores. The sebaceous glands produce more sebum, which gets trapped behind the blockage. Bacteria like propione bacterium acnes now form in this trapped sebum causing infection and pimples.
They frequently occur on the face, neck, back, and shoulders.

Ayurveda has a lot of natural remedies for Pimples. Few of them are :

  • Take equal quantities if nutmeg, black pepper, sandalwood and grind together. Add a little water and make a paste. Apply this to face to cure pimples.
  • Obtain some Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia), and add honey to it. Mix well and apply to face to cure pimples and get clean skin.
  • To obtain quick relief from pimples, take some Red silk cotton tree bark. Powder it and mix, cow milk and apply on face.
  • Take some old sesame powder (at least 6 months standing), add cow urine to it and mix well. Rub on pimples to cure it.
  • Get some Symplocus tree bark, Malabar nut leaves, coriander seeds in equal quantities. Grind them together with some water and make a ointment. Apply on pimples to get relief.
  • Take equal quantities of white mustard seeds, symplocus tree bark, malabar nut leaves, Himalayan pink salt. Grind all of them together with water and make a paste. Apply this on face, your pimple will be cured gradually.
  • Obtain equal quantities of banyan tree hanging roots tips, crushed white ginger lily flower juice, symplocus tree bark, Malabar nut leaves, sausurrea auriculata (chengalva kostu),rubia cordifolia (manjistha) roots and sandalwood paste. Grind them all together with cow milk and make a fine paste. apply on pimples to cure them.
  • Take symplocus tree bark, dry turmeric powder, mustard seeds and manishila seeds. Grind all of these with water and apply the lotion on the pimples to cure them gradually.
  • Obtain some cumin seeds and black cumin seeds. Crush them together with cow milk. Apply this on face thickly. After 1 hour wash the face with cold water to fight pimples naturally.
  • Take some dried banyan leaves, symplocus tree bark, sausurrea auriculata (chengalva kostu), red sandalwood and grind them together with water. Apply this mix on the face to cure pimples.
  • To get quick relief from pimples, take equal quantities of malabar nuts leaves, manjistha (rubia cordifolia), madipatu (common fig tree) leaves and grind together with cow milk or honey. Apply this paste on pimples to cure them.
  • Put some ice cubes in a cloth and apply on the pimples to get relief.
  • Boil some water in a vessel and bring direct the hot vapor on to the face. This will reduce the swelling.
  • Cut some garlic and rub the garlic pieces on the pimples. leave on for some time. Garlic being a anti bacterial will cure pimples soon.
  • Apply some lemon juice on the pimple before sleeping at night. Early in the morning wash with lukewarm water to cure pimple.
  • Cherry seeds dal : Pound and make powder and store it.
    Add little butter little honey and apply paste to the pimples/acne. After surface dries wash.
    Benefits : Big pimples reduce and vanish even stains are eliminated.
  • Dhania(coriander) : 100 gms, Vasa : 100 gms, Sugandhi roots powder : 100 gms.
    Make powders separately and mix them and store.
    Make paste with milk or water and apply to pimples overnight. Early in the morning wash face.
    Benefits : All the pimples, stains get eliminated.
  • Take paste from turmeric sticks, sonthi(dry ginger) sticks in equal proportion.
    Apply on pimples for 2 to 3 days daily overnight. Wash face with warm water in the morning. Press out pus if any. Healed within a week.
    Gently massage the stains with tomato juice overnight. Wash with warm water in the morning. Stains get eliminated.
  • Make paste from turmeric stick with water, 10 tulasi leaves and one camphor tablet. Make paste apply to pimples overnight. Wash with warm water in the morning.
    Benefits : Relief from pimples within 10 to 15 days.
  • Desi tomato small : 5, Carrot : 1, Beet root : half.
    Make juice out of the three. Add little honey or candy sugar and take in the evenings daily.
    The extract or pulp obtained from the above juice can be mixed with butter and grind. Apply the paste to the pimples or entire face. After one hour wash with warm water.
    Benefits : Blood gets purified, skin beauty increases, pimples and stains get removed, dark circles below eyes vanish and face will glow.
  • Nutmeg, Sandalwood paste.
    Mix both and apply on pimples overnight and wash in the morning. Pimples are gone and stains eliminated.
  • Pippali(long pepper) powder : 3 gm (Fry and powder), 2 spoons flax seeds, 120 gms Black Gram (urad dal) powder.
    Add sufficient cow’s ghee and grind it and apply paste to the face.
    Benefits : Pimples, stains and dark circles disappear.
  • Tulasi leaves : 10, Camphor : 1 tab.
    Grind the above with 5 drops water. Apply paste overnight and wash in the morning.
  • Aloevera gel with turmeric powder can be applied overnight and wash face in the morning to get relief from pimples/acne and stains.

Few more natural methods are :

  1. Crush neem tree sticks and extract juice. Apply to pimples for 15 days.
  2. Mix lemon juice 10 drops to rose water 10 drops. Apply to pimples and gently massage. After drying, wash face with warm water in the morning and evening.
  3. Rose lehyam(paste) to be taken for 15 days orally.
  4. Extract gandham/paste made with water from the white part of neem bark and apply to pimples. Whenever you extract bark from the trees apply dung to it for normalising.

Yoga and other tips for curing Acne :

– Udhyana bandham : 10 to 12 min
– Udara chaalanam
– Fill with air till cheeks get bulged and release.
– Reduce eating oily foods, sweets
– Sleep timely
– Exercise is a must
– Reduce rice when physical work is less.

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