Grounding Exercises

You need to do Grounding Exercise after all yoga and meditation methods practiced.
This will help you relax and muscles and nerves and also keep yourself protected from any external forces.

Method : Stand barefoot if possible so you get a good contact with your feet and the ground. Feet a bit apart, as much as it feels comfortable to you, usually about a foot, but less will also do. Straighten up your body, let your arms hang along your body, palms inside. Close your eyes if that helps you to concentrate.grounding exercises
Feel energy coming up from the ground into your feet.
Grow roots from your feet downwards into the ground. Think about them.
How are they? Thin, thick, straight, contorted, spread out?
Once you have imagined your roots start to feel them and draw up energy through them.
You’ll feel it in your feet and then little by little use your thought and your breathing in to draw it up through out your body and the chakras

1st chakra (genitals, pubis and a bit further up) red
2nd chakra (lower belly up to your navel) orange
3rd chakra (navel to diaphragm) yellow
4th chakra (the heart) green
5th chakra (the throat) blue
6th chakra (third eye) indigo
7th chakra (crown of the head) violet.

If you can manage that feel the energy going out gently from the top of your head.
Your arms and hands should feel very relaxed and heavy, warming up little by little.
Pull the energy up to your elbows and shoulders.
If you find it difficult just imagine your blood flowing and you’ll feel it ok.
Stay there, grounded for a while, as much as you like or it feels comfortable.
Then, little by little start moving your fingers, your hands, feel your feet and then as last open your eyes.
It is a very simple exercise and it will make you feel so much better!
Try doing that when you get out of bed in the morning or anytime you feel stressed out!
You won’t imagine, but one can do that sitting on our office chair as well and that works wonders!

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