Increase sperm count and Vigor – Madanasura Lehyam

Madanasura Lehyam for increasing sperm countRecipe – Madanasura Lehyam

Necessary items :

1. Bottle Gourd . cut and dried pieces 1400gm
2. sugar 1400gm
3. Cow Ghee 200gm
4. Honey 200gm
5. Badam / 66gm
6. Dates 66gm

method :

Powder the bottle gourd pieces.
Boil enough water and add sugar in it.
When it starts becoming a thick liquid, add above powder.
Make powder of dates(without seeds) and badam also and add to this sugar syrup.
When it starts thickening, add cow ghee (buffallo ghee can be used as alternate) and mix the contents.
Switch off the flame and then add honey also and mix it well.
Store this thick paste in a glass bottle

Usage :

Daily use 10-20 gm twice after meals.
Children can use 5-10gm depending on digestion capacity and body types.

Advantages :

1. Mothers will have more milk for infants
2. strength and muscle development
3. increases sperm production and count
4. Sexually Transmitted Diseases like syphilis and Gonorrhea will also be cured
5. Removes excess heat from body and cools it
6. New blood will be produced and heart will be strengthened