Interaction of number 1 with other numbers

Number 1When your date of birth is 1,10,19 or 28, you are under influence of number 1 in numerology.
Sun is your ruling planet and you are strong physically and mentally.
you are a source of light and delight and are dedicated to serve humanity at large. You should refrain from being overly ambitious or too independent. You must also restrain yourself from being reckless or dictatorial. You should not be too critical of others and avoid being boastful or be demanding attention all the time or over indulgent (if you are a male person).

Your friendship, professional, romantic and matrimonial relations with people having other nature numbers is as follows :

Partner’s numberFriendshipProfessionalRomanticMarriage
1Friendly but is not a lasting one.Business wise, it is good, provided it is long term one.For romance, it is a good combination.For marriage, it is not a very good combination.
2Good friend, but envious at times.For business, this relationship is compatible.For brief romantic affairs, it is good.For marriage it is a favorable combination only if you want to dominate your spouse.
3Friendship restricted to acquaintance level.Less than ideal for business relationship.Romantic interludes are amorous.Not very favorable for marriage.
4Good friends, but beneficial to number 4 only.Favorable for business relationship.Romance is mutually enjoyable.Compatible in married life.
5Friendship is limited.Not ideal partners for business.Not a very romantic combination.Not suitable for marital relationship.
6Temporary friendship.Not recommended for business relationship.Only short term affairs of heart.Not suitable for marital relationship.
7Friendship is beneficial for number 1.Not recommended for business relationships.Romantic interludes are amorous.Not recommended for marital ties.
8Not a friendly combination.Not recommended for business relationship either.Secret romantic affairs may blossom.Not suitable for marital relationship.
9Neither good nor bad in friendship.Interaction in business matters beneficial.Not a very good combination for romance.Compatible in marriage especially if number 9 is a lady.