Virgo Ascendant (Kanya Lagna) – Vimsottari dasas and results

People born under Virgo ascendant (kanya lagna) will have favourable periods during mercury, venus and saturn dasas according to Vedic Astrology.
Jupiter, sun, moon dasa do not give favorable results.
Mars dasa gives moderate results based on its position.
Virgo Ascendant (kanya lagna)

During favorable venus(sukra) dasa of 20 years, general wellbeing, earning good name and wealth, celebrity status within your circle, good matrimony, overnight stardom and wealth for few, great progress in fields like literature, cinema, television, music etc are possible.
Great progress in education is seen for students.
This dasa is particularly favorable for those who who are working in fields of literature, cinema and art.
Writers, publishers, movie directors, dancers, musicians, actors will shine and earn lot of fame and riches.

During favorable mercury(budha) dasa of 17 years, you will be recognised as a multi-talented and efficient person at your work.
If you are in literature, accounting, banking etc, you will achieve topmost position.
Mathematicians, economists will gain lot of fame.
Students will get selected for good positions in government like civil services.
You will lead a disciplined lifestyle with good, regular diet but differences with siblings or cousins will cause few problems.

During saturn(sani) dasa of 19 years, your charisma will grow and it will help to those who are in politics.
Will struggle a lot to grow in your profession but will reach good position.
Businessmen will see huge losses but will recover soon with good profits.
Import-export, automobile businesses will flourish in this dasa.
Technical education will be helpful in profession.
Will put in all their efforts to make sure that their company runs into good profits but they will be paid lesses than anticipated.
Will develop revenge taking attitude on those who create hurdles for them.
Will not change opinions for others.
Memory power will be good and will help you to remain calm and take decisions at right time.

During Mars(kuja) dasa of 7 years, real estate business will be good.
Agriculture, constructions, machinery business will change your lifestyle.
Will act courageous and prove everyone wrong by achieving what was thought to be impossible.
Your judgement regarding returns in business will be reversed.
Those in sports, politicis, science research, medicine, law will earn lot of fame.
Will have differences with siblings and cousins.
Court cases will cause some problems.
Few will be arrested and have to spend sometime in jail but will be released soon as they will either get bail or case will be closed in their favor.

During Jupiter(guru) dasa of 16 years, marital life will be disturbed.
Will be either cheated into marriage or will have differences with their spouse after marriage.
Will be forced to work under inferior persons.
Your talent will not be recognised. Your partners will blame you for losses incurred.
Many will turn towards spirituality, philosophy and gurus for relief.
Few will learn ancient languages and sciences.
Will lose many golden chances in career but will try to act with brave face.
Financial position will be weak despite many efforts to improve it.
Your friends and relatives will get angry on you for your silly acts but will show sympathy on your weak position.
People in high positions of society and religion will develop hatred towards you without proper reason.
To overcome few of these ill-effects of jupiter dasa, performing Sudarsana Homam is best remedy.

During Sun(ravi) dasa of 6 years, huge financial loss, collapse of business, civil and criminal cases, differences with spouse, loss of ancestral property, no support from father, loss of position will be experienced.
You will have power but no mood to execute it. If you have kids, their behaviour will cause irritation.
Insults in media will cause insomnia, frequent headaches, migraine etc.
Performing Rudra Homam during this period will give some relief.

During Moon(chandra) dasa of 10 years, self driving, swimming, adventure sports should be avoided.
Decisions should be taken after consulting others.
This period is good for those in fields like cinema, television, music, arts, literature etc.
Lot of fame will be earned but money saved will be lesser than anticipated.
Elder kid will cause some trouble.
Kids will create embarassing situations among friends and relatives.
Will have strained relations with mother or her health will detiorate.
Women liked by you will cheat you and this will cause lot of mental disturbance.
Few will buy lot of silverware.
Health issues related to lungs, asthma, isnophelia, synusitis etc will cause some trouble.
Mental depression will lead to insomnia and few will try to find relief with alcohol or drugs.
To overcome few of these bad effects of chandra dasa, performing Maha Lakshmi Homam and feeding white cows are best known remedies.

Rahu dasa of 18 years will be usually good for kanya lagna born and Ketu dasa of 7 years will give moderate results.

Above predictions for dasa results will vary based on constellations and subdivisions occupied by those planets and also slight modifications will be done based on transit of planets.