Mukula Mudra and Benefits

Human body is composed of 5 elements (earth, fire, water, air and sky) and seven chakras inside body.
If one of them are imbalance, they cause diseases to body.
So, if you want to safeguard yourself from diseases that come through toxics in our food and medicines, practice this Mukula Mudra as described below.

Mukula Mudra – procedure : Every day before having food, sit on floor or wooden chair facing east and join all four finger tips of both hands to respective thumb tips as shown in picture.
Stretch both your hands forward without bending at elbows and close your eyes.
Concentrate on what is happening inside your fingers and body for 5 minutes.

You will start feeling something similar to magnetic force near finger tips.Mukula Mudra
While continuing this mudra, imagine that all toxics in body and 7 chakras are eliminated without losing concentration.
One cannot continue this mudra for more than 5 minutes, as fingers start aching.
Practice this on empty stomach, 3 times a day before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Benefits of Mukula Mudra : Practicing this mudra thrice a day with concentration for atleast one month will certainly remove all unnecessary elements from mooladhara, svadhishtana, manipura, anahata, visuddha, agna, sahasrara chakras.
By doing this, all parts of body will regain their natural strength and will be re-active.
People suffering from physical ailments can do this mudra with stretched hands by lying on bed.
By consuming food produced with excessive usage of pesticides, pollution in air, by excessive usage of chemicals based medicines etc, our body collects toxic elements and only by practicing mukula mudra, we can eliminate them and improve our natural immune system.